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MONSTERS MAIDENS & MAYHEM Cover Digitally Painted – with lines by me and Digital Paints by the Amazing Hector Sevilla Lujan, AKA elsevilla on DeviantART. [link]

Wanted to show a more detailed shot of some of the great details/extras Hector added to her hair, face, and dress. The full version is right over here.[link]
Taken from the digitally painted version of the cover for my MONSTERS MAIDENS & MAYHEM sketchbook. :woohoo:
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Gorgeous and stacks
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awesome! Would be great as a print...!
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This is a great picture! The woman's skin, creamy yet not TOO delicate, and the perfect transparency/opacity of her dress material are great touches....
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wow! just how was that hair coloured
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Dude i LOVE this piece ! Both the lines and the coloring is gorgeous ! The hair and the dress totally stunned me !
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Thanks for the awesome complement!:iconsmile--plz: Tons of credit to ElSevilla, who really made this piece come to life with his amazing digital paints.:w00t:
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Stare at her face or boobs it should help.:laughing:
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Lol! I find it hard to believe she is maiden, durr-hurr! =)
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Hmmmm...:sherlock: I'll need to take a closer inspection.:rofl:
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I wish I was as good as drawing women as you are!
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Thanks so much for the complement!:highfive: Glad you like how she turned out.:w00t:
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No problem :D
You have a nack for drawing women!
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i love the colors, i want to now what brushes did you used ?
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Thanks so much!:w00t: As for the brushes, your best bet is to check over at ElSevilla's DA homepage,[link] as he's the one who added in all the wonderful and shiny colors.:highfive: Hope that helps.
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Thanks so much! you are a great artist ! wonderful work
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I'm in awe! Such beauty!! :D
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Thanks for the awesome complement!:iconsmile--plz:
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Thank you for drawing something so awesome!
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Gorgeous work good sir.
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Thank you! Glad ya liked it.:highfive:
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totally good sir, totally.
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Amazing!! Really a great work!!
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