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Snake Mountain

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Snake Mountain, Skeletors' Lair.
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Now that is amazing. That is the perfect place to rule why would skeletor want castel grayskull.

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I think he likes the decorations in Grayskull better Snake Mountain. After all Grayskull already has his face on the door.

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Very nice idea.
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commanding powerful and very bleak
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gripping and haunting 
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This isreally cool
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This gives it a 'lord of the rings' feel to it. Right out of Mordor. Is it me, or are ALL supposed evil lords based loosly on Sauron? :toocool:
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Skeletor's famous lair, once belonging to the Snake Men.
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:iconskeletorplz::iconsaysplz:Why thank you for redecorating the place. Now I won't have to feed you to my snowbeast after all...nahahahahah!!!!
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Love it, great take.
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Dynamite Design!!!
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This looks awesome :D
that is so Gangsta..I Love It!!!!!!!
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