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Primal Rage - Armadon

My take on the monsters from Primal Rage - Armadon

Primal Rage
is a versus fighting game developed and released by Atari Games to arcades in 1994. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth called "Urth". Players control one of seven large beasts that battle each other to determine the fate of the planet.

Armadon (known as Spike in the prototype version) – The god of Life. Armadon fights to defend Urth and prevent its destruction from the hands of the Evil gods. He is a semi-bipedal dinosaur with Styracosaurus-like head and limbs, a series of spikes in his back, spikes on his knees, and a tail whose tip is a combination of an Ankylosaurus' tail club and a Stegosaurus' thagomizer. According to the description on the package for Armadon's action figure, his species is "Tristegasauratops". Armadon has the easiest combos, but has a short reach. His domain is the Hollows and his worshipers appear dressed in light green rags. For over a million years, Armadon had lived peacefully in his cave beneath Earth's crust, telepathically linked to the biomass. The cataclysm and the battles for supremacy over the changing planet tortured him, so he has risen up to settle things once and for all. He vows to both restore the land and get some well-deserved rest.
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That is just WILD!

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Ultimasarus but primal rage version
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Armadon does have a menacing look to him as a chimerized ornithischian, but I never would have imagined giving him Iguanodon thumb spikes.  I recall a drawing I made in my childhood that chimerized a Stegosaurus with a Triceratops, and I lament not having drawn it since activating my DeviantART account, as I've learned that the Jurassic Park franchise has already trademarked it.  Hopefully, Armadon's image remains his own.
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Armadon is my favorite character in this game.
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He is a cool creature!
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Took long enough, yet toatlly worth it! =)
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Gotta save the Earth, all before bed time!
VERY excellent art piece :)
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Awesome Armadon, I think I like it.

Maybe I draw it sometimes.
Missing the segosaur  spikes at the end of his tail  that to flings as his projectile but its great art. 
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Looks really amazing!! I love the style and the details!! I always loved Primal Rage since I was a kid :D.
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Lovely new vision of Primal Rage characters! I hope one day will resurrect!
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Interesting that you gave him Iguanodon arms.  Also makes sense that his prototype name was Spike.
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I didn't know what his prototype name was, thank you for that teed-bit of information.
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Outstanding artwork on Armadon! Really incredible!
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You're welcome!
Wow, that is a nice work of art!
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Thank you very much!
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I think this is my favourite piece so far!
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Cool, glad to hear it.
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Hey who doesn't like an armoured cerotopsion with a spiky club tail, I know a version of that I've thought up will be in a novel I'm working on!
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