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Mecha Warrior

This was an ink drawing that I liked enough to color...

If you wish to see the ink drawing just click here [link]

Colored using Photoshop CS.
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© 2005 - 2021 NathanRosario
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Wicked cool pose, style, and details!
You're welcome.
Why does this remind me of Megatron?
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I have been looking on here for a while for insperation for my next project. This thing is not only the right style, but the exact color scheme I was working towards. So glad I found this.
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Glad that it was inspiring to you!!
how do you people get these to look so smooth, like it was done on a comp? I cant figure it out.
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Well, the inking was done with a technical pen but the colors were done on a computer.
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OH GOD! this is awesome!!! his face reminds me at Jeeg for some reason :o
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I could see why you would say that. Jeeg does have that face mask type look and the long pieces on the sides of his face.
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oh yeah! thats true!
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Really good! I like the head, and weapon designs. And the perspective is awesome.
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dude that is sooo awesome, Just so you know, I'm using this for a card I'm making, it is perfect for what I need.
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I used this image in one of my works, is that ok?
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As long as the work is used for fun (that is personal use) it's ok. But if it's for profit or a game application then I don't allow usage. Although I would ask that you add a link to my page so that people would know who made the image.
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ok ^.^

its just for fun don't worry ;)
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Good job^^,perfect colour composition.....
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Thank you very much!
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wow~! Great work! And well done with coloring!
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haha sooo he's a decepticon:D(really coool otherwise,and I know that he's a mecha and not transformer^^)
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