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Character Art for the Torn World RPG. I totally enjoyed doing this one. I love drawing liches.

Also known as 'the Fleshless One', the Lich King is an ancient dread power as old as time itself.

As a Harbinger of Doom that has spanned all of the Ages of Man, the Lich King is perpetually at war with the living and some say that it is only because he looks towards the heavens as his ultimate goal, that the living world has been spared his all-encompassing fetid touch.

Some scholars believe that in the Fourth Age the Lich King was not of this world, and that he had ascended to the heavens themselves in his quest for power, and it was his return to Torn that started the undead wars that marked the end of this era.

An unliving god amongst men, the Fleshless One enjoys the fear of his adversaries and the worship of his allies, and yet there is no doubting that he stands unique, alone and exists purely for his own diabolical ends.
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