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Female Thrall - Talislanta



Painted this about a year ago for an up-coming art book based on the Talislanta RPG.

A hybrid race created long ago by the sorcerers of some ancient and forgotten kingdom, Thralls were bred to serve as an army of slave warriors. After The Great Disaster they were freed from servitude, and spent many years wandering in the Wilderlands of Zaran. They eventually settled in the jungles of Taz, and later joined the Seven Kingdoms confederation.
Thralls are uniformly tall and muscular of build. Hairless and devoid of pigmentation, they are distinguishable only by sex; otherwise, all Thralls look exactly alike. In defiance of this inbred genetic trait, Thralls decorate their bodies from head to toe with elaborate tattoos, thereby attaining some degree of individuality. Males dress in sandals and loincloth; females in vest, loincloth, and sandals.
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