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Death Colossus - Rift

Death Colossus - 2nd Rift contest entry.
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India-Lee's avatar
It would be awesome to have hands like that.....
NathanRosario's avatar
It would be cool until you had to scratch an itch!
India-Lee's avatar
good point... :fear:
ToxicZ0mbi3's avatar
NathanRosario's avatar
Thank you so much!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
WOW!!! Wicked!!! Love it!!!
Vaejoun's avatar
demonic. pretty cool. I like the colors, reminds me of the old fantasy masters.
Just the moons feels cut out and keeps distracting me.
Oktanas's avatar
good luck in the contest
fastwalker's avatar
Bringing out the big guns! Nice work!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Fantastic! Very nice monster indeed! :D
spacecowboy76's avatar
If you don't win it you definitely deserve to.
BluDrgn426's avatar
might be awkward when he has to go to the bathroom
HeadBrushProject's avatar
It's nice, it could have been awesome, because it looks like unfinished. You should have stayed more into it. I'm just sayin'.
cromzl's avatar
Very cool concept man!
BrotherOstavia's avatar
Love the colours as always :)
MetalSnail's avatar
Everything about this is great!!!
The colours, the armor ....everything!
But in reality he could be defeated by an itchy bum :)
(and I don't mean a homeless person with fleas)
falkyno's avatar
damn this is good, got my work cut out fer meh
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