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Darth Vader

Long time in updating...
From one of my favorite movies, Darth Vader.

(EDIT: Changed proportions on Vader. Made the smoke less painterly, gave it more mass. Adjusted colors.)
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"Perhaps you're not as strong as the Emperor thought..."
beefers's avatar
the perspective makes him look narrow.  His helmet looks weird too.

But good effort.
DorthVaderZ's avatar
He looks like he's about to strike, uh oh.
SawuScimitar74's avatar
Love this picture of Darth Vader! He's one of my favorite movie villains of all time. :)
GaryTheNeutral's avatar
My favorite character of all time is portrayed very impressively in this artwork you did an AMAZING job on! :D
Amanice's avatar
looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mavadohelghanmaul's avatar
Darth vader is one of the best movie villains of all time 
ThunderWarriors97's avatar
Darth Vader is my favorite villain from Star Wars. I really love this picture of him! Astounding job! :D
NathanRosario's avatar
Thank you very much!
ThunderWarriors97's avatar
You're very welcome! :D
WoulfHound's avatar
I must say I do prefer a solemn and calm Vader than a boastful one. More dark and cunning...
NathanRosario's avatar
Cool! Glad you like him!
X-distroyer's avatar
Darth Vader from Star Wars movies, heh heh best villian ever nice job indeed I like it.
NathanRosario's avatar
Thank you very much!
Batbane2020's avatar
Did u get my note
NathanRosario's avatar
Not that I can tell. I see no note from you.
blackvalkyrie00's avatar
No movie can repeat the awesomeness of the ESB.

NathanRosario's avatar
It is an awesome movie!
MarioGuy3's avatar
One of the best villains in my opinion.
NathanRosario's avatar
Darth Vader is definitely an iconic and cool villain.
mxremi's avatar
Why is he lefty?
MajinYggdrasill's avatar
:icondarthsidiousplz: gooooooooooood!goood! now lord vader, go forth and destroy! nyahahahahah
Rease1982's avatar
The Perfect Bad Guy....
LucianoDrakonXI's avatar
Yes my Master...Great, calm yet menacing.
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