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So I wanted to paint Cthulhu but I was not excited about the dozens of doodles that I have done of him. Finally I said "forget it" and went all digital and just figured the design out as I went along. Here is the resulting picture.
C+C is always welcome.

Cthulhu is a elder creature from the short story "Call of Cthulhu" by HP Lovecraft.
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Ha right on man, you know I was thinking if old howard could see how popular his fiction is today I think it would blow his mind
I just discovered H.P. Lovecraft in a collection of his short stories "Call of Cthulhu and other Weird Stories." I love his stories.  I really like your drawing of Cthulhu. You definitely have got his Octopus like head and the massive size that Lovecraft decribed.
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Finally, someone does this idea justice. Dig the concept of Cthulhu, but no one ever does anything interesting or original. Nice work!!
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Marvellous!:o (Eek)  Excellent! Clap 
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Goes great with this:…

And because I like to share comedic findings:…

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Thanks for the links! The cute cthulhu one made me laugh.
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No prob. Cute Cthulhu is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Some things should NEVER be cutified. BTW, one more Cthulhu themed song (and much more recent):…

Considering the time period he lived, Lovecraft probably wouldn't like this music, but metal was made for his work.
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One of my favorite pictures of Cthulhu! Very fine work my friend!

The Oldschool Harlequin
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You are most welcome! :) (Smile)

The Oldschool Harlequin
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"You pitiful insignificant fools!"
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Everybody! HEIL Cthulhu!
I've been leaving a lot of very critical comments on various Cthulhu's, and this one seems to be one of my favorites. You stayed rather true to story, albeit adding a large number of details, but the great thing is you didn't take any away, or blow them out of the water.
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Holy shit, Dude! That's awesome!
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It would be nice if there was a small ship, like a liner, floating in the foreground. My dad used to take nice pictures of my mum (she thought!) near monuments, but actually he was using her to set the scale on things.
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So, uh.... You've drawn oodles of doodles of him, eh?
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This is amazing great job!
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