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So I wanted to paint Cthulhu but I was not excited about the dozens of doodles that I have done of him. Finally I said "forget it" and went all digital and just figured the design out as I went along. Here is the resulting picture.
C+C is always welcome.

Cthulhu is a elder creature from the short story "Call of Cthulhu" by HP Lovecraft.
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It was worth the gamble.

The blues and greens of the ocean are reflected on not only Cthulhu but also the background, adding cohesion through nature and analogous colors while making Cthulhu more of a creature of the deep. The glowing purple follow this scheme while making Cthulhu stand out. Your lighting the eyes the most make a great point of focus... not just the eyes themselves, but also the lightning bolt. In fact, you really played with color with the lightning not being conventionally yellow or white. Other points of interest are the fin flaps around the arms, the layered blob forming the head, and the lightly entwined tentacles. The patterns all over Cthulhu are a rewarding treat. I also notice the subtle contrast between the painterly background and Cthulhu, who is more intricately detailed. Or again, the details on Cthulhu contrast with the relatively blank background with the raindrops being mostly out of focus.