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Alien vs Predator - I had a rough doodle in one of my sketchbooks of these two fighting mid-fall. I always liked it and felt that it could become a painting. So after years of looking at it I made it. Hope you like it!
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Best crossover movie I've ever seen
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I always liked the comic book crossover version, the movie was good too.

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Killer scene and takes on them!
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Glad you like it!

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Oh wow, this is absolutely amazing! Beautiful detailing and character interaction!
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Thank you for the kind words!

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They look like they are floating. There is also something wrong with the Predator's feet and the Xenomorph's hands.
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You know I looked up the predator feet and saw some things I could change but I'm not sure about the Alien's hands. Could you can be more specific with what you mean.

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Great pic man,a true modern classic of what was to be one of the predator's many crossover battles! You also know who else it would be cool to see the predator face? Wolverine,just to name a few that is.
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You know, someone was doing short movies of evenly matched characters fighting each other some time back. There was a Wolverine vs Predator. I believe Wolverine won that one.

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Classic stuff, man!  It's always a treat to see these guys.
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Thank you! Always a pleasure to hear from you!

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Glad you like it. Thank you!

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I now have a question. Is the xenomorph, canonically, cold blooded or warm blooded?
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Seeing that they can be highly active and don't need to warm up before becoming active I would say warm blooded. However, it is an alien creature so perhaps warm or cold blooded would not apply.

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Well they have acid for blood and acid is not typically a cold liquid so warm I'd think.
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