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I have a new form for commission requests that covers all the specifics and should make the process easier.

You can get it through this link:

Fill that out, send it to my email at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also just write out your responses to the questions in an email if you aren't able to fill it out by hand and that'll be enough.

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Hello, do you have a price list for commissions? Very interested.
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What are the price ranges for your commissions?
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Super keen to get some commissions done :) Any chance you have some normal price ranges? Thanks!
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Hey there! I’m new to DeviantART and came across plenty of your pictures all over the Internet, and I’m interested in commissioning.

could you send a note with your prices?
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Certainly!  Note sent.
Hi, I saw that you did some work for Ulisses-Games in Germany, I would be interested in prices for 4 character designs, full body, no or minimal background, colour if possible. If you are open for commissions.
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Hi! Are you still open for commissions?
If yes: Do you have a list for your price ranges to share?
(I maybe interested in a half-body painting, with a person in action..)
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I sent you a note.  Thanks!
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I'm also interested in seeing your prices if you are still available for commissions that is.
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Hey man! I'm curious about your prices, see if I can afford one o' those! :D
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Would love to see your prices, if that's possible :)
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Would you mind sharing your prices? :)
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Can I see a quick price rundown? 
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May you please share your pricing with me? :)
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Do you think you could give me a quick rundown of your commission prices?
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Sure thing!  I sent you a note.
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