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dat brushwork man! fantastic work
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She's got her knife out in case they're just playing dead.

more than that Inreally like the camouflaging blue streaks in her clothes.
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Thank you! Yup, you can't be too careful :)
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Hey, nice work. You have some great colors here. 
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Hey thank you sir!
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She looks really awesome! :la:
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Great character design, I like the leaf motif.
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Nice work. Well done.
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Oh yess Outstanding work
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She switched hands to hold the dagger. I'd think. She just isn't sure enough of the situation to put away or un-string the bow. One thing I don't see in modern illustrations is the bow case. From what I remember of ancient warfare illustrations, historical archers sometimes had a case that would hold a bow as well as arrows. I'd give her a hair band, if she's an archer, or a pony-tail. Hair in the eyes would be a problem. Of course, she shows the mandatory combat flesh to distract the enemy.
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I did not even consider a bow case.  Thank you for the insight!
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I think this is good, but I have to be a butt and be nitpicky about the concept for just a second...
She's got the bow in her right hand, meaning that she shoots left-handed, but the quiver sticks off the right side of her body! That's quite a reach to get an arrow.
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You are correct!  I just left the quiver there for compositional reasons.  Nice catch :)
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