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G3-G8 Cross Generational Weapon Fitting (Tutorial)

The change from T Pose in Genesis 3 to the A Pose for Genesis 8 threw a monkey wrench into loading parented hand-held props that belong to another generation. They don't load where the hand is. There is an easy solution for this. To demonstrate, I've asked Aura and Jenni to join me. Aura is a Genesis 3 Female, while Jenni is a Genesis 8 Female. Here are the girls in their respective Zero Poses. 1. Load the Weapon I'm going to give Aura the gun from Mada's Bounty Huntress for G8F. As for Jenni, I'm going to give her the actual knife she carries, Bowie #2 from Porsimo's Small Blades for Genesis 3. The weapons are loaded and parented to the


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