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“I’ve faced worse than you,” Barbara snarled. “I’m still alive, too.”

“I doubt you faced them naked, chained, and deprived of your sword,” the sorceress wheezed.

Barbara refused to admit aloud that the ancient witch had a point. She chided herself for letting the hag get the drop on her. However, an old woman begging by the side of the road didn’t look dangerous.

“How does it feel?” the old sorceress continued. “Like a viper with his teeth pulled? Helpless? Good. I’ve had my eye on you." The sorceress frowned and said, with disdain and contempt, "Barbara the Protector. I sense great god essence in you. Soon, it will be mine, held in this bottle. When I consume it, all the world will bow at my feet.”

“You have an overgrown sense of yourself,” Barbara said. She shook the chains holding her fast the altar. As strong as she was, she could not break steel. “You’re a weed begging for a good scythe.”

“Make all the quips you wish, dear,” the sorceress said, dragging her clawed fingertip across Barbara’s cheek.

The braziers flamed. The four small ones at the edges of the altar glowed brighter. Lights swirled around Barbara as the spell began. She felt her skin prickle. Sweat broke out all over her body.

“The process to extract your god essence has begun. It will require all night and be most excruciating. You won’t be worth much afterwards, except to satisfy the lusts of my underlings.”

“You’ve mated too many demons, lady,” Barbara said through clenched teeth. The spell already began to make her muscles ache.

“Mate demons?” the sorceress asked. “Yes. I enjoyed it, too.” She ran her finger down Barbara’s cleavage. “You do have a nice body. A nice, young body.” She licked her lips. “Those demons would love to mate you. Perhaps I will move into your body and seal your mind off. How would you like that? Watching as I reduce your world to slavery through you, powerless to stop me? Watching as I make love to demons with your supple body? Knowing your god essence is now mine, moving me ever closer to immortality!”

Out of the corner of her eye, Barbara saw motion. She faintly smiled as her confidence returned. Veronika never failed to surprise her. The more they were together, the more she realized the young princess was lost, but not helpless. She thanked her gods that the sorceress did not consider Veronika worth capturing. Still, Barbara always liked looking someone in the eye before killing him, or her. “You should look behind you.”

“How silly do you think I am!” the sorceress snapped.

Barbara tried to shrug, as best she could, considering the taut chains. Leave it to a noble, even one from a no longer extant country, to shoot someone in the back. Not that Barbara minded at the moment. “It’s your funeral. Just don’t expect me to cry at your grave.”

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continuing the story:

(The holy arrow peeress and goes through the demon's head between her eyes braking her curse freeing the prisoner)

The prisoner::yay:

The archer with the fire of a jungle girl in her eyes:

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Is there more to come? :D (Big Grin) 
Nathanomir's avatar
There is, if I get the light right.
thormanoftunder's avatar
I'd love to see Barbara snaping those chains...
Nathanomir's avatar
I have a sequel in the works. Thanks for the reminder.
Awesome artwork.  Of course picking up from midstory I'd be more interested in seeing Barb's essences being sucked out than the demon being punished.
FDComics's avatar
Lots of great details and effect in the piece. Awesome work :)
Nathanomir's avatar
Thank you. There is a sequel, if I get the lights right.
hmbugs's avatar
Marvelous image and wonderfully exciting story! OMG OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Heart   Bravo! Clap 
Nathanomir's avatar
DanoSHC's avatar

Who's that bitch in the background about to RUIN EVERYTHING?!! :D

akizz's avatar
The tension!
Nathanomir's avatar
EclipseInPeril's avatar
Holy moley, the amount of special effects in this picture is amazing!  The lighting, too, with the beams of sunlight illuminating the smoke.  Great work and a nice story to go with it :)
Nathanomir's avatar
Thank you very much!
Rob66's avatar
That was a great ordeal for Barbara and a great pic to go with it. The fury of her expression is wonderful and the fact that you conveyed such anger through her profile makes it all the more impressive to me!
Nathanomir's avatar
Thanks! The anger in her profile was a nice accident, the result of positioning the camera and lights to highlight "sexy nude woman chained" which really brought out her tight back muscles. And I wanted to see her face as much as her butt and boob.
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Yay! What an amazingly vivid and gaudi scenario!
And what a totally amazing female villain you've created here!
Nathanomir's avatar
Thank you very much!
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