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Afternoon Noir


The warmth of the sun melts the cold memory of his empty embraces. The light of her resolve slices through the shadow of his betrayal. Watching him pull up in the driveway, Marian thinks, "Did you believe I wouldn't find out? Working on Saturdays? The calls from your secretary at night? The smell of another woman on your clothes?" She plans to show him what he can no longer have, and give him a glimpse of the future that awaits him, should he ever return.

Image of the Month for November in the GunSexy group! That is a very humbling honor.


40 hour bake (mostly because of the glass of bourbon). This is a clean render.

Lighting: Reality Sun perpendicular to the window, at a 28 degree angle, and one softbox to bring out the room. Reality fog prop.

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro --> Reality 2.5 --> Luxrender 1.

EDIT: Updated the image using normal maps in place of the old bump maps. Increased the model's resolution to 3. Rerendered via Reality 2.5 through Luxrender 1.3. March, 2015.

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Not sure how I missed this one buddy, this is a really spectacular image! Very 50's detective story like.
Nathanomir's avatar
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I faved this but apparently didn't comment at the time.

This is one of the rare 3d pieces that (for me) shatters the myth that 3d art cannot be Art. Very well done
Nathanomir's avatar

Thank you very much!

Ieliara's avatar

How am I just now seeing this beauty?

Nathanomir's avatar

It is kinda old.

dellcartoons's avatar
He cheated on her?!?

That's a whole new level of stupid
Nathanomir's avatar

Yeah, he was stupid like that.

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atomicwick's avatar
Can't believe I've never seen this one! But then I've only been here on DA two years. You have a huge backlog, my friend.
Nathanomir's avatar
With nothing else to do, I make renders. :D
atomicwick's avatar
I draw, but usually with pen and ink. I'll have to scan a few things.
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Amazing image, great detail!!!! 40 hours, YIKES!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! 
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Yeah! Reality-Luxrender was not known for speed. But being CPU based, it could bulldoze its way through anything.
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Excellent work on this nailed this look...and in color to boot...
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Thank you very much! I really love how this one turned out.
ButchC's avatar
Your welcome... it was a good one.
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I'm in love... with that lighting Love (Yes, I'm the nerd who'll see the lighting before the lady) Sweating a little... 
Can this be done in iray in this day and age? I'm a bit removed from Reality ^^; 
Nathanomir's avatar
Thank you so much!

I'm not sure. Reality used volumes which act like fog, enabling that effect. Iray doesn't use them, that I know. So far, I haven't seen the same sort of godrays in Iray. I think the only way to get them is to cheat and use an actual prop. It doesn't look the same. I used a prop here: Extraction

Now, I could be wrong, and even if I'm right, that can change in a week.
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Still amazing! :)
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