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Countess in  dungeon... 08 by AlexArts-3D
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Countess in dungeon... 08 :iconalexarts-3d:AlexArts-3D 15 16
Scarletseeker - Kiss by FDComics Scarletseeker - Kiss :iconfdcomics:FDComics 20 36
Amazonia Art Jam
To celebrate 25,000 Page Views, I am announcing the SlaveLynnGreen Amazonia Art Jam.

What does this mean? 
(Hint: it means I want to see if anyone will do some cool art based on my setting) :icongwinkplz:
It means that YOU, my watchers, have the chance to play in my Amazonia Setting. 
What is Amazonia? 
Short Answer: It is a part of a fantasy setting that combines elements of Gor, Torei, and other fantasy settings with aspects of Revolutionary Era history.  Amazonia is a setting populated by more than 75% Women.  Strong, Beautiful, Women.  And the losers in their many battles often end up the slaves of the victors.
Long Answer: Look Here.…
What is this Jam?

Want to participate?  Draw, paint, digitally whatever, write a story, compose a poem - that is set
:iconslavelynngreen:SlaveLynnGreen 1 5
Hypno Whore 07 by Dangerguy01
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Hypno Whore 07 :icondangerguy01:Dangerguy01 60 21
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Aura Artjam #3 Steampunk Hexslinger :iconmirrorkhaos:MirrorKhaos 4 7
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IGBH A Tiny Incident at Port Midas Part Fifteen :iconragingcyc0ne:RagingCyc0ne 6 13
Oh it's time!.. by AlexArts-3D
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Fun Run Part 4 by TrentHarlow
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Fun Run Part 4 :icontrentharlow:TrentHarlow 31 34

After posing with Elven Inigo, Aura said to me, "I am so weary of being lonely. I want a boyfriend!" I do have someone in mind for her in the novels, but not for her DA counterpart. She's right. That does need to change. So, should I: 

16 deviants said Design him myself.
14 deviants said Create a poll and go with the winner.
11 deviants said William Shatner for the win!
9 deviants said Accept :iconlordlard:'s nomination of himself because he's dreadfully in love with Aura.
6 deviants said Open a Journal for suggestions, put the top ten in a poll, and go with the winner.
6 deviants said Create models of :iconfdcomics: and :iconakizz: and give Aura both of them because they dream of her.
4 deviants said Put myself in a Medieval costume and take her myself.
2 deviants said Take :iconthomvinson:'s idea to an extreme and give her an anatomically correct golem teddy bear.
1 deviant said Ignore :iconwefergie007: who will nominate Lord Lard.
No deviants said Roll a twenty sided dice and give Aura the ogre that comes up.


Jul 18, 2018
6:27 pm
Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 18, 2018
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The latest entries in the Aura Anniversary ArtJam, both by :iconmirrorkhaos:!

First, Sci-Fi Aura, huntress of foul aliens. Well, she has tangled with ogres, so she would go after Denebians. They kinda look and smell the same, anyway:

Second, Aura in the Weird West! Steampunked, at that. Okay, I just love that genre-bending setting for a story. Old West with monsters and sorcerers!

Thanks for voting in the Aura's Boyfriend Poll. Only three choices were serious. The rest were to make you laugh. Of the serious ones, Design Him Myself edged out Make a Poll, with Open a Journal to Suggestions trailing way behind. So, I'm going to actually design a male character! This will take some time and thought. I don't want him to influence, or be influenced by, the novels. Spoilers!

Although Bill Shatner may have to drop by for a kiss from Aura.

Perhaps I should combine Aura's Boyfriend with the comments from the last status update and just give her Elvis!
Fantasy: A road trip buddy story, with Elves.
This is why I follow :iconloopydave:

If you don't, you really should.

That didn't take long!

Mature Content

Viona of Cimmeria (Viona Art Jam) by Nathanomir
is now my MOST COMMENTED image! Let's hear it for the Warrior of Beauty.

So. How about four more for

Mature Content

Beach Party! by Nathanomir
to move it firmly into Second Place (it was bumped).
I'm still celebrating Aura Lockhaven's Eighth Anniversary Month!

There will be more images of Aura posted. Some clothed. Some not so clothed. That last one just hurts your feelings. I'm looking at more Aura Cosplay concepts and lining up costumes. There will also be more Aura's Dreams, where we can see my lovely redhead all naked and trussed up. And probably more involved action scenes, since "The Sorcerer's Captive" reminded me how much I love fantasy action images.

Thank you everyone who commented to my last journal, What Is It About Aura Lockhaven? I probably won't respond to your comments, since I don't know what to say. But it's encouraging and helpful to see her as others see her. It lets me know her strengths as a character. I really appreciate it.

The ArtJam is still in progress! Feel free to play. And take a look at all the entries so far:….

I got to thinking (a dangerous pastime) about the different variations of Aura that have been, or are currently, cavorting across DeviantArt. The number is astounding! Now, to me there is a difference between an interpretation and a variation. An interpretation is a one off or a twosie, much like :iconbelleverse:'s take of Aura as Defender of the Fen, or :iconlady-quantum:'s Aura Nightshade of the Lockhaven. A variation is an interpretation in an ongoing story of some length. Let's take a look at the variations.


Canon Aura -- Aura from the novels. She doesn't really make that much of an appearance here. That may change. :iconlady-quantum: and :iconfdcomics: have both suggested I illustrate the book. That is a thought! Canon Aura is not an enchantress, and won't be until the end of the third book, Crimson Cloak. So, she wears a brown dress as a wizardess. Now, those of you who work in 3D know how hard it is to get a dress to cooperate in a dramatic pose. Usually, I put her in brown pants and corset.

DeviantArt Aura -- Mostly how I see her from Book 4 through 10. Six months to two years after the opening trilogy. The biggest differences between Canon and DA Aura is DA Aura will make love to women, and some events of the trilogy aren't represented in her adventures here. I don't want to create my own spoilers.

The Enchantress and the Warrior Aura -- Six months after the trilogy. Mostly Canon/DA Aura, but she isn't as confident, and again, some events of the trilogy aren't reflected in her personality or life.

Storm Warning Aura -- A totally alternative Aura, set three years after the trilogy. This one is highly confident. She was adapted to fit the idea of an alternative Duster. Her clothes represent her maturity.

Hyborean Aura -- Still in the works, but EW and The Journey Aura, with one major difference. Those of you who have read the book know a spell cast from her hand becomes twenty times as powerful when cast from her staff. In this story, a spell cast from her fingers makes her staff look weak. Her power is out of control. Her clothes are the same as Storm Warning Aura, but she has a different cloak. I'm thinking of giving her a different staff for this.

Condemned Aura -- She hasn't been seen much. The story is too sexual for DA. While I do have a story lined up for Aura to face death at the hands of the Knights of the Holy Torch, it will focus on her struggle against her own wrath and vengeful nature, while Condemned is focused on her naked body tied up. So, this is a variation.

Superheroine Aura -- Just created today, and probably the most wildly different of my own variations. For one thing, her mother Aurora is still alive. I may or may not do more with her. The idea is intriguing.


The Journey Aura -- Akizz's Aura is probably the closest to Canon Aura of anyone's, even many of my own. He has been diligent about asking me questions, "Can Aura do this?" and "Would she do that?" He doesn't have to, of course. It's his story. But I do appreciate his attention to detail. The major difference between his Aura and my EW Aura is his is from the past of the UK and has a bit of a Scottish accent.


Storm Warning Aura -- Whenever DG interprets Aura in this story, there is some difference with the way I interpret her in the same story. That's just natural. And he should focus on Duster/Candace in his half. Duster is his lady and he knows her better than I do. But I can tell he really studies what I've written and said about Aura. So, I would consider his take on her to be a half variation of my Storm Warning Aura.

Funny/Damn Sexy Aura -- Okay. DG's drunken Aura, and her conversation with his Aura over their similar names are still two of the most hilarious takes on her I've ever seen. He also put Aura in one sexy naked bondage peril situation with Duster, but that's expected of our master of NBP. He doesn't have to stop with one, either. A variation? Yep. I would consider four appearances to be long running.

Raiders Aura -- There is a possibility that DG will feature her in his ongoing epic fantasy Raiders of the Lost Eye. I can't wait! Considering everyone but the main four are alternative versions, what will she be like?


Star Trek Aura -- Aura tried on different uniforms and different branches of Star Fleet before deciding on the Marines, where she could drink and fuck at will! That's my girl!

Pink Side Aura -- An almost Jedi Aura.

Darth Aura -- Pink Side's evil twin sister. That hair!

Mountain Valley Aura -- Close to DA Aura, she will be instrumental in the foundation story of his overall Mountain Valley mythos. And I still have to ask, is it a good idea to let her fly that air bike?


Manga/Anime Aura -- Just damn cute! This may not be a full variation, but more of an extended interpretation.

Tiger Aura -- Not sure what else to call her, but Aura was instrumental in helping the Tiger Goddess, which makes her instrumental in the creation of Tora. She got a really sexy tongue licking from the Tiger Goddess out of it, too.


Sci-Fi Aura -- I never would have thought of Aura as a character in a science fiction story, but considering Raging Cyc's concept (the fantasy races of our lore were actually visiting aliens), she fits perfectly. Not much magic in her, but she's a highly competent former soldier and medic. And when she gets angry, she kills!

That's eighteen different variations of Aura! That number doesn't count the interpretations, either. My montage of the interpretations is now woefully out of date, thanks to the ArtJam entries coming in. I may have to update it in late August.

If I missed a variation -- an interpretation of Aura in a long running story -- please let me know and I'll add it and update this journal entry.

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