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Back on here to see if there if I can regain a standing with the DA community as my art has gotten much better over the years. Mostly my focus since my long time away from DA was photography and now am currently working in the indie game development industry with 2 games featuring my art currently on steam and more of my own original ones coming soon! Games to date include Galagan's Island and Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets! Hopefully I can meet new friends and potential colleagues in the industry for possible future collaborations! Don't be afraid to hit me up ;)
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As many of you may know I was the 2nd VP of the Artists 'Round Texas art group for 2010 and handled memberships...I am glad to announce I have been re-elected for another year to serve as 2nd VP for 2011 so if anyone is interested in joining our club in order to take part in our great workshops and free shows and competitions please feel free to contact me at any time and I'll send you any info or answer any questions you might have about the club.

UPDATE March 2011: I have had to respectfully resign from the office of 2nd VP for A.R.T. due to the fact that I will be moving to Austin in April
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Sept. 1st - Oct. 18th at the Granville Arts Center

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 11:28 PM
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September 1st through October 18th some of my pieces will be on display and for sale at the Granville Arts Center in Garland, TX.

300 North 5th Street
Garland, TX 75040-6352
(972) 205-2790

It's not a competition, just a show I am doing with my art group of which I am 2nd VP called the Artists 'Round Texas group. I have 6 pieces that will be on display including "Still Standing", "Corroding Corridors" (16x20), "Swiftly In Silence", "Swift Beams" (8x10), "The Mouth" (6x15, which will not be on display until the 5th or 6th) and another piece that I haven't uploaded on here yet titled "Doors to the Imagination" so go get an exclusive look at it before anyone else on deviantart. Also check out some of the other great works of art by the other talented A.R.T. members.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my prints or originals or if you are looking to hire me on commission for a particular piece whether it's on display at the Granville or not please contact me either via email at or give me a call at 214 277 3736.

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Hello Everyone,

Starting this next Monday 04.26 you can go see both mine and other artists small works on display in the Artist's 'Round Texas annual small works show at the Rowlett Library in downtown Rowlett. Last year at this same show I placed 1st in photography and 2nd in digital so hopefully I can get something again this year. The awards and reception will be May 1st from 1-4pm if anyone is interested in going otherwise the show will go on all through May. I have 5 pieces in photography and 3 in digital art and all for sale at very low prices as well so go check them out. I'll also update and keep everyone posted on the awards as well if I win anything next weekend.

Update: May 1

I just got back from the small works reception and awards ceremony and I won FIRST in Digital Art for my piece "Vacant" which also sold as well as another piece "Paint it Black" so it was a good show. There were some other great pieces and awards so go check them out at the Rowlett Library if you have some free time now through May 31.
Hello everyone,

You can see my art on display now through March 31 at the TVAA (Texas Visual Arts Association) Gallery in the Plaza of the Americas in Downtown Dallas. I didn't win anything in the show but the fact that I got in was an achievement in and of itself. 50 of over 200 entries were accepted and only a few people were allowed more then one entry and I was one of them. I have 2 works there, Still Standing and Swiftly in Silence and they are both also for sale for $300 each. If you're in the Dallas area go see them and some other great artwork on display...there are some very talented artists there. Here's the address:

Plaza of the Americas
700 N Pearl St Suite G-207
Dallas, TX 75201

Parking in the parking garage is $5 I believe for an hour or two or at least it was when I went but you can also take the dart rail right up to the's the first stop in downtown Dallas coming from Plano....I believe the St Paul Street stop, it's the one that stops right in front of the old abandoned High School and the Plaza of the Americas is the one directly across from it.
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Hello and Happy New Year everyone! :)
(day early I know but I won't be able to post new year's day/weekend)

Since the holidays are over now my oils are back to regular price and are all still available. Still did decent in print sales however this last year (personal prints at booths, not here on deviantart) but my personal print prices are still the same as are my commission rates as I posted in my previous entry so check that out or email me for more details (

Those of you who know me know that I am a member of the A.R.T. (Artist 'Round Texas) art organization in Rowlett and this next year I have been elected into the position of 2nd VP for the organization and am very excited to take it on this next year. However I hope that someone will step forward to be president because if there is no president elected then the organization cannot function without one and will be forced to shut down after 10 years, I believe, of operation but I'll keep everyone informed. With roughly 40 members, the membership dropped since last year by half, I believe, so if anyone wants to join and maybe even become the president of the organization please contact me. I would take it on but I was afraid I'd be too busy with school or work. The job details are basically one hour a month plan attend the events but not required and help plan for other events for the club but most everything for next year is planned already'd have to give out awards at competitions too. If that's something you may be interested in either contact me for membership and/or other contact info to be able to determine if it's something you'd like to do....or search for the website to gain other contact info. My email is or call me at 214 277 3736.

Hope every one had a great holiday and has a even better new year! :)
Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! :)

I wish I had gotten on here earlier to inform everyone in the Dallas area that I was selling art at a booth today only inside the atrium at the Collin County Community College Spring Creek Campus. So I apologize to anyone who would have liked to have gone. It was a big success and I did second best in sales. There are however some prints left for sale and I can also make prints of any piece in my online gallery for anyone who still wants one in the Dallas Fort Worth areas. I also do have a piece in the student gallery at the same college campus not yet uploaded in my gallery even so go check it out. It's called "Other Land", a watercolor of a dragon/fantasy landscape and is listed for $100 (20x30 matted and framed). As for anyone interested in my prints in the DFW or Austin area, pricing is as follows:

4x6 Matted(5x7) = $7
5x7 Matted(8x10) = $8
4x6 Framed = $6 ($7 if its a art print and not photo)
5x7 Framed = $7 ($8 if it's a art print and not photo)
8x10 Framed (basic no border) = $10
8x10 Framed (artistic border or style) = $20
Small Keychains of My Art = $4 (or 2 for $6)

Any other larger sizes I'll have to check on printing and matting/framing costs before hand and get back to you via email or phone.

Note: PLEASE do NOT buy prints of my work here on my deviantart if you are in the Dallas, Fort Worth or Austin, Texas areas because I can get you the same prints at a discounted rates and can possibly deliver them personally or at cheaper shipping cost saving you some cash. It's mainly for people out of the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin Texas area who wish to have a copy of my work and I don't get very much commission for the sales and deviantart eats up a vast majority of the profit. SO if there's anyone from the Dallas or Austin area that wishes to purchase some of my prints (any print of any size of anything in my gallery) please contact me directly at and let me know which piece and what size and I'll give you a price for how much it will be including matted or framed. However, I am selling my originals internationally but price of originals does not include shipping, that will be determined on location. Again it would be much cheaper for someone to purchase my originals locally.

I recently posted about some gallery work I did where my pieces were up on display and now the show is over and I have new updated lower prices for the holidays. The price changes on the originals are as follows:

Swiftly In Silence (16x20 Framed) = WAS $400 NOW $250 ($150 OFF!!)

What the Future Holds (16x20 Framed) =
WAS $350 NOW $200 ($150 OFF!!)

Battle at Heaven's Gate (16x20 not framed/gallery canvas)=
WAS $350 NOW $200 ($150 OFF!!)

What's Left (16x20 Framed Canvas Sheet) =
WAS $300 NOW $150 (50% OFF!!)

Adam's Creation (12?x32? Framed) =
WAS $250 NOW $175 ($75 OFF!!)

Corroding Corridors (8x10 Framed) =
WAS $50 NOW ONLY $15 ($35 OFF!!)

Contact Me for purchasing information. Reach me on my e-mail at
or call me on my cell at (214) 277 3736
Also for the holiday seasons I am accepting commissions for portraiture so contact me if you are interested in my painting services as well. Makes a great gift for the Holidays. Perhaps immortalize your child's first moment and visit with Santa or even preserve the memory of a loved one or even pets. Pricing on oil portraits on canvas or canvas sheet  are as follows:

4x6 = $50
5x7 = $75
8x10 (8.5x11) = $100
16x20 = $200
18x24 =$250
20x30 = $325

Any other sizes can be discussed further over a phone call or via e-mail if you send me the proper specifications.

And don't forget I also am available for graphic/digital design and illustrative works including murals year round as well :)
Hello everyone. Finally an update!!! Recently these past few months I've joined an artists group called Artists Round Texas and it has made some new opportunities open up for me and my friends in the Dallas area.

Currently there are several of my pieces up at one of the groups shows in Garland, TX at the Granville Arts Center in the main atrium so if you're in the area feel free to stop by and check out my stuff as well as the many other talented artists that have their work up as well. The show lasts until November 28th.

The Main Auditorium at the Granville Arts Center
300 N. Fifth St.
Garland, Texas 75040

The following 6 original pieces are for sale as priced and listed in the show and are still available:

Swiftly In Silence $400

What the Future Holds $350

Battle at Heaven's Gate $350

What's Left $300

Adam's Creation $250

Corroding Corridors (8x10 print) $50

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces or are looking to hire me for commission work please e-mail me at and include your contact information and I'll get back to you within 24-48 hours OR if you wish to contact me as soon as possible you can reach me on my cell phone at 214 277 3736. If I don't answer just leave a message and I'll return your call ASAP same day within a few hours at most.

(please note: I'm not sure if the prices above are exact as displayed in the gallery but regardless I am also willing to negotiate the prices if they don't seem appropriate to you OR otherwise I will give them for the lowest displayed price...I'll check the prices and update as soon as I can)

AND since I never update enough here's some more updates and contest results. Here's my results from the last Artist's Round Texas juried competition at the Rowlett Public Library last month and are also still for sale:

Corroding Corridors (8x10 print) $50

Still Standing (5x7 print) $25 (upload coming soon)
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Hey!!! My first journal entry!!...and its to announce and thank everyone that supported and voted for me in the Sum 41 t-shirt design contest because thanks to you guys I made the top seven and made 3rd place!!!!!!!!!

check it out:…

I hope they use it for a tshirt but im still not sure if they will or not...hoping like crazy they do though cuz thatd be awesome...I know 1st place is being produced and sold but i dont know about 2nd and 3rd...

Thanks everyone!!!! Couldnt of done it without you guys!!! This will really look good on my portfolio and help jumpstart my career in graphic design and as an artist!!! I'll keep everyone posted on if they produce my design on a tshirt or soemthing...

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