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Lakeside Zejel
Alongside the morning sun, the pale moon still glows
And I rise, listening t the stream as it flows
As it sings in harmony with the verdant forest boughs
Rising to my feet, for a moment I stand still
Listening as a zephyr dances where it will
Standing awestruck by the spring's vast poetic skill
And songbirds sing as each flower begins to grow
As the light mist vanishes from the lake
The sorrow deep within my soul I try to shake
But the ripples in the water soothe my heartache
And for the briefest of moments, God's mercy shows
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 30 15
Glosa of Sorrow
The world is evil
Joyful things are few
The world is evil
Racism still lives
Extremists persist
And tyrants still rule
Joyful things are few
Amid the ocean
Of pain, those few things
Must be loved, cherished
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 15 8
Rainy Silva
As thunder resounds and rain
Falls from the sky, I hear that lovely refrain
Amid the trees as if it cleanses me of pain
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 20 0
A Leaf's Kyrielle
This summer morn already hot
I watch the leaf as it grows green
It loves the heat and I do not
But I adore this leaf serene
With my brow bathe in beads of sweat
Like nobody has ever seen
And this verdant leaf does not fret
But I love this leaf serene
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 19 3
Silva de Consonantes
With the summer hot and dry
Sweat surge forth with ferocity and I-
Suffer through the zealous heat
The sunlight striving for my soul's defeat
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 22 6
Copla Real
The wolf walks forth alone tonight
Save for the crescent moon in white
And a rare zephyr's melody
Must he  forgo all company
For the whims of passing delight?
Should it be many or a few
Your soul a friendship can renew
And all too many days alone
Can make that soul as cold as stone
Does the wolf know this to be true?
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 27 4
Copla de Pie Quebrado
Through the verdant jungle tonight
There strides a jaguar with great might
Food fills her thoughts
It seems that every shadow heeds
The sheer magnitude of the deeds
Her strength has wrought
I could for her write and rehearse
A kind and articulate verse
But I will not
A living poem, she walks in grace
Elegance exudes from her pace
Such is her lot
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 12 8
Copla de Arte Menor
Living among the desert sand
Coyote strides beneath the moon
He slows down and begins to croon
From the lonely ledge where he stands
He observes before the land
Of harshness where his pack survives
With difficulty does he thrive
By the will of God's mighty hand
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 14 2
Copla de Arte Mayor
As dusk lifts its fingers from the touch of the snow
A lynx in silence moves through the silver moonlight
In loneliness, he does not fear the dark of night
Without the elegance of twilight's tender glow
The world seems too black to witness the water's flow
But the lynx still leans forward to drink from the rile
Having learned to live alongside all that is evil
And survives just as surely as the zephyrs blow
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 19 5
Septilla Stanzas
As grey clouds drift across the sky
I observe the heavens and wait
For the thunderstorm to orate
So insanely thirsty am I-
That all the world around me seems
To be a desert in my dreams
Why must the air I breathe be dry?
A couple of drops kiss my skin
Far from a tempestuous din
I long so much to wash away
The intimate embrace of pain
I thirst for a destructive rain
But it will not come on this way
I still must endure my own sin
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 13 0
Sextilla Stanzas
In the grips of a moonless midnight
I wait for the dawn to arrive
Forgetting how to be alive
By the touch of the faint starlight
I listen to the wind recite
A verse just beginning to thrive
Crossing the forest edge, I tread
My way to the city so cold
Leaving behind my love unsaid
As the town's sights start to unfold
I think what else remains untold
What hopes or dreams were put to bed
Losing sight of all that is lush
I stride beside the morning hush
The darkness still keeping me blind
Yet I still endeavor to find
Joy amid the city's soul crush
To see past the sin of mankind
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 12 6
Redondilla stanzas
Lost in a sea of desert sand
And weary from the blazing heat
You are struggling to withstand
The pain inflicted upon your feet
The vim of the burning sunlight
Makes you quite aware of your thirst
So torturous that you feel cursed
And you look forward to the night
When in sorrow you start to crave
The lasting slumber of the grave
Do you at last kneel down to pray
For the nightly grace of Yahweh?
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 15 11
Tercetilla Stanzas
Amid the afternoon sunlight
Along the edge of a small lake
A dragonfly begins his flight
A poet observes the kind gleam
Of light reflecting off its scales
Poetry is more than just words
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 17 2
A Glum Sonetilla
As shadows whispers in my ear
Striving to keep me lost at night
I struggle to keep within sight
The fact that God is always near
As darkness tries to make me fear
The worst of me, I let the fright
Force me to seek out any light
To keep me  from shedding a tear
In the distance, amid the snow
A tiger appears, fearless, strong
Our paths meet beside a stream's flow
A moment's time, we move along
For we both know that we must go
About our lives, where we belong
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 11 0
Dreamy Soneto
Moon shining upon a fresh layer of snow
The clouds having just departed from the sky
The tiger in silence approaches and I-
Rise from my slumber to hear a zephyr blow
I try to sleep again but it remains slow
And still I see the tiger before my eyes
What acumen is he attempting to show?
What pure torture is he striving to defy?
Yet again slumber at last falls upon me
But the tiger does not come around this time
A slumber without visions of hope to see
Longing to know again all that is sublime
With the dawn comes the passerines' melody
It seems without the tiger, life has no rhyme
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 14 3
Caudate Sonnet
Beneath the clouds above, I slowly stride
Among the conifers that wave at me
As I do meet meet the wind so wild and free
And watch do I the far horizon wide
In Nature's silent verse do I confide
Shall I reflect on every melody
And each refrain recited by the trees
And wish that there is nothing left to hide
The lyrics of a passerine resound
In distant decibels, and I with zeal
Compose a lyric of my very own
Forgetting what it takes to be profound
To seek what all of Nature can reveal
The depths of me, of each and every bone
Cannot be left alone
So thus do I seek out the love of God
In ways that many would consider odd
To stop religious fraud,
What elegance can I articulate?
How can my lyrics truly fascinate?
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 10 2

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Nathaniel Flying Owl
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A nature poet passionate about zoology and indigenous American studies and eager to make friends. My biggest influence is Robert Frost, but I also love Langston Hughes, Sherman Alexie, Simon Ortiz, Joy Harjo, and William Wordsworth

I watch anyone who leaves a comprehensive comment and/or watches me.




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