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"It is impossible..... i can't believe it" she thought.

A man held her firmly as another forced her arms behind her back, ropes ready in his hands. A woman with long black hair approached her holding a thick strip of purple cloth.

At the sight of it, two big drops fell from her eyes. Between the sobs, the princess Charlotte Eberfreya Drossel succeed to speak only few mumbled words, "P--pleas--se..... L--let m-mmmppphhh!!!".

Her assailant pressed the cloth between her lips and tied it tightly behind her head, cleave-gagging her.

The other captors began to tied her : brown ropes were placed against her torso, bindings her upper arms against her body. Another loop was tied against her wrists, wrapping them in a X position. Her long rich purple dress and her white elbow-high gloves didn't do much to protect her against the tightness of the cords. She let out a moan of pain as her captors finished to bind her.

Her mind was taken from despair . In only few weeks, she should have been the bride of the prince Damian Baldur Flugel, the man she loved for four years and for the one she spent so much efforts for persuading her parents and her country.

But now she was in this situation. It was night and she was walking alone in the big garden of her royal palace when, suddenly, three people appeared from nowhere. They quickly blocked and threatened her to not scream if she wanted to be safe. Not that she had any intention to do it. She was so scared that the words stopped in her throat at the sight of those frightful faces. The woman in particular had a glare so menacing, so lustful that Charlotte can't avoid to shiver.

"Stay calm, little princess. We don't want to hurt you, even because we won't gain money from your death." the woman said, caressing Charlotte chestnut long hair. She  eyed the silver crown the princess had still on her head and took it, admiring the precious decorations with shape of flowers.

"Gvvv mm bbckk" (Give it back), the princess pleaded, struggling a little in her captors' arms.

"Oops! Sorry, sweetie.", the woman placed the crown again on Charlotte's head, "With all the money we will get from your ransom, i won't need a crown and anyway you are a lot cuter with it!".

"Rnnssmm?" (Ransom?).        

"Yes, sweetie! We will ask a BIG ransom for you! I hope your parents are ready to pay or we will be forced to sell you to some very bad guy" the woman feigned a sad face as at her words, Charlotte lower her head, crying desperately.

"Bring her away" at the orders of the woman, the men pushed the poor Charlotte ahead. The young princess hadn't any other choice that to follow them.

In short time they reached one of the gates of the palace, where a carriage were waiting them. Incredibly any guards found them.

The men pushed Charlotte roughly in the backseat, while they went to the drive seats. The black hair entered and placed herself next to the scared princess.

In few time the carriage started to move, bringing the little princess away. Charlotte launched a last sad, desperate glare to her home, as she heard the woman whisper in her ear, "Don't be so sad. I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together.".


She hugged Charlotte close, stroking her long chestnut hair gently, in the attempt to comfort her, "If your parents will pay the ransom, you will see them and your beloved prince shortly..... Listen sweetie : do you want to play a game?".

When her captive regarded her with a questioning, worried look, the woman smiled. She took Charlotte's ankles and place them above her lap. Then the woman removed her rich and fancy high heels and stockings, leaving the princess bare feet. Lastly the back hair woman took some ropes and tied them around Charlotte's ankles.

"Are you ready, honeycake?" the woman asked.

"Wht---mmmmmppphhhhh!!" Charlotte laughed as her captor began suddenly to tickle her. The princess squirmed like a crazy, desperately trying to distance herself, but the woman held her legs firmly.

"Sttttmmmmppppp!!! Plllmmmpphhh!!" Charlotte pleaded between her laughs, but the woman tickled every part of her feet : her smooth soles, her arches and even her toes.

"Mmmppphhhhh!!! Mnnnnnffff!!!" quickly her tears of despair were replaced from tears of laughter, incapable to endure this torment anymore.

For long ten minutes the woman tickled Charlotte until she decided to have had enough fun.

The princess was heavily breathing in her gag and big drops of sweat were falling from her forehead; the torment left her whiteout energy.

Her sadistic captor lied down Charlotte, putting her head above her lap.

"It was fun, right?". she stroked Charlotte's hair lovingly, "A beautiful smile suit you a lot better than that sad face. Don't worry : while you will stay with us, i will be sure to make you laugh a lot......".

Hearing her words, Charlotte started again to cry at the thought of what was waiting her.

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Great story! 
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What an awesome alternate ending to that episode. Nice!
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