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Re: Zero - Emilia, Rem and Ram :iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 34 5
Mature content
Sword Art Online - Sinon :iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 29 9
Mature content
Fairy Tail - Hisui E. Fiore :iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 38 8
Mature content
Fire Emblem Fates - Hinoka and Sakura :iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 42 15
Owari No Seraph - Shinoa and Mitsuba
Not much distance from Human Capital of Shibuya, the sergeant Shinoa Hiragi and the lieutenant Mitsuba Sangu were outside on mission, patrolling the area in search of vampires or Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Between the many destroyed buildings of the area, an old, half-collapsed skyscraper stood out. Evading the ruins and the obstacles, the two Imperial Japanese Demon Army soldiers entered in it, unaware to be observed.
From the highest point of the skyscraper, a noble female vampire was eying with lustful red eyes her preys. Clad in the typical vampire uniform, the red hair vampire rushed inside the building to prepare her trap.
Meanwhile, Shinoa and Mitsuba were arguing between them.
 "I told you that we should divide! We would waste less time and cover a bigger area! Why Guren put me always in team with you?!"
"Oh!" the purple hair girl pretended to be shocked, putting her gloved hand in front of her mouth "But i always thought we were best friends! You hurt me in this way, Mit
:iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 31 5
SAO Collab : Prison Breaker's Revenge Part 4
"Silica!"  Suguha shouted, hoping to alert her friend, but the Beast-Tamer has turned the corner, showing to not have heard her.
Suguha sighed.
She have finished to clean and have taken a shower a lot faster than she have thought. Then, after wearing again her school uniform, the young Kendo champion has speeded up to meet her friend and go to Agil's cafè together.
And now she has finally reached her. 
Suguha went down the road, fast as a hard day of training permitted her, and turned the corner too. But in front of her, there wasn't Silica, but only a car and a girl with long black hair.
The swordwoman scratched her head, confused.
"Why Silica isn't here? I have seen her turn the corner...." as she mumbled between herself, Suguha heard what it seemed a muffled cry, coming out from the trunk. And she can swear that it seemed the voice of Silica.
Alarmed, she approached quickly the car, calling the black hair girl who seemed the owner "Hey! What is it happening?"
The girl
:iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 21 22
SAO Collab : Prison Breaker's Revenge Part 2
The sun was starting to set.
Along the deserted streets of Tokyo, Asuna Yuuki was walking towards the station to take the train that would have brought her to her home in Setagaya.  
Being one of the first days of winter, nobody was around, giving the city a scary vibe.
Clad in her winter school uniform, the brunette speeded up the pace, looking frantically around. She had fought bravely against every kind of monsters at the time of Aincrad but ghosts and other supernatural enemies have always scared her.  And in this moment, the city seemed really the Fifth Floor of the Old Floating Castle, where she struggled so much to overcome her fear.
Feeling more and more nervous, Asuna decided to take a short-cut, passing for a lateral alley, unaware to be followed.
The mysterious pursuer took advantage of the opportunity and , taking a little rock, they launched it against the wall. The sound of the impact took by surprise Asuna, who started and launched a little scream of fear.
:iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 35 14
Violet Evergarden - Charlotte
"It is impossible..... i can't believe it" she thought.
A man held her firmly as another forced her arms behind her back, ropes ready in his hands. A woman with long black hair approached her holding a thick strip of purple cloth.
At the sight of it, two big drops fell from her eyes. Between the sobs, the princess Charlotte Eberfreya Drossel succeed to speak only few mumbled words, "P--pleas--se..... L--let m-mmmppphhh!!!".
Her assailant pressed the cloth between her lips and tied it tightly behind her head, cleave-gagging her.
The other captors began to tied her : brown ropes were placed against her torso, bindings her upper arms against her body. Another loop was tied against her wrists, wrapping them in a X position. Her long rich purple dress and her white elbow-high gloves didn't do much to protect her against the tightness of the cords. She let out a moan of pain as her captors finished to bind her.
Her mind was taken from despair . In only few weeks, she should have been the bri
:iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 15 4
Ordinal Scale - Suguha Kirigaya
"I'm finally here..... but i don't see anyone." Suguha Kirigaya mumbled between herself, looking around.
It was already a week that the young swordwoman returned from her training camp and that she heard about what happened to her brother and his friends.
Actually, Ordinal Scale was a game developed only to revive the daughter of the professor Shigemura, stealing the memories from SAO's survivors. Even Asuna lost her memories but, thanks to her brother and his friends, the conspiracy was defeated and all returned to the normality.
Whiteout any risk, Suguha was finally enjoying his time in OS, giving proves of her great ability thanks to her experience in kendo.  For many evenings, she went to the "battle places", easily defeating monster, other players and increasing her rank.
And even today she was outside.
She had received a message from OS's admin, telling her that an important event would have taken place near Tokyo station. This new quest would have involved many monsters fro
:iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 37 23
Mature content
A DANGEROUS SCHOOL :iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 17 8
Mature content
THE DARK MANSION :iconnathanhale1992:nathanhale1992 17 6




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