My online classes are available for an innexpensive subscription!… It's all about how to create the most kickass concept art you can :)

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Ive learned so much from you in your schools classes and I loved taking them! :) I never thought that composition and simplicity were such an important thing to consider when creating art. I used to get so lost in a mess of things that I wanted to draw at the same time...that I forgot how important the basic idea was and emphasizing the main focus above everything else. Thank you so much for teaching me that :) You are one of my art heroes!
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Mr.Fowkes, how do you manage to make so many updates? I've heard frequent updates is very important to successfully self-promote on the internet, but I am not doing well at it. I understand you're busy and won't necessary be able to reply to every comment, but if you would, I'd love to hear some advice on how to maintain frequent and numerous updates like you do. Thank you!
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I love Schoolism workshops and classes, and I love your artwork, I'm signing up for this amigo!
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I'm taking your class self-taught at the moment Nathan, and it's awesome the lessons you give! You give good instruction, but also make clear what you expect from us as students while we work on assignments. Nod