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Wonder Park Concept Painting
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I love this movie! The theme park aesthetic was so cool, the movie had a cute story, and those beavers were ADORABLE! The beavers made me feel nostalgic because I thought of the Angry Beavers. I recommend Wonderpark for kids. I hated Zootopia mainly because the story was too complicated and it had a political message. If you're into that, good but if you have kids, I recommend Wonderpark. 
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Wait?! Why did you hate Zootopia?! Everyone love this movie so much, especially me.
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I liked the characters in Zootopia, but I wasn't expecting it to be that deep. I HATED the political message that it had at the end, that was uncalled for. Disney's supposed to be for everyone, and that message was too much for kids. Everyone loves a lot of movies that I don't like and movies that I like, everyone hates. I thought Artic Dogs was great! So was the first Sheep and Wolves movie. And so was Chicken Run, even though that was a little dark too but at least it was meant for older audience.

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I understand that, sorry.
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It's okay. Is there any other Disney movies you like? tell em the ones you don't like. I haven't seen a lot but I feel like some of the popular ones are overrated. I never seen the movie for Little Mermaid, but I kind of know the original story a but I think the Disney one is overrated. I seen gifs and stuff and it looks really historically inaccurate and too romanticized. Same with Pocahontas, even as a 7 year old I thought that movie was dumb. My grandpa thought it sucked, too. He came home from the theater saying "What a stupid movie"

honestly though, I know this movie is a little dark but at least it's meant for older audiences and I highly recommend it! It's heckin better than Zootopia! 1000 times better! watch the all 8 parts, sorry it's split into parts but here's the playlist! You must watch it. I will warn you there are some intense scenes so take the kids out of the room. Also there's one swear word.

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Well I like all Lilo and Stitch movies, Emperor's New Groove, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Wreck-it Ralph.

That's alot of Disney movies that I like.
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I forgot Lilo and stitch was Disney LOL ^u^. I like the first wreck it Ralph but I don't like the ralph wrecks the internet movie. In fact, I thought it was pure cringe. I saw emperor's new groove and it's funny. It's not my favorite, but I can watch it. I never seen the others

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Well I like the second Wreck-it Ralph that I watched, but I respect your opinion as well.
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Wow, this is very beautiful. If this was about a real place, I'd already be looking into going there!
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Very atmospheric, and lovely color choice!! This piece deserves so many faves IMO, Neat job.
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I love how detailed this picture is :D And with such warm colors, I can feel its’ atmosphere 
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