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Charcoal Drawing!

From a good dense piece of compressed charcoal, mmmmm.
Drawing by Nathan Fowkes
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He looks a bit like retired Muppet performer Caroll Spinney. :) Great drawing!
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very impressive ;-) !
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phenomenal mate! I love how soft you've made the hair and the clothes, it draws you into the face.. Also its amazing how you grouped the light and dark shades together! Hope to get this good someday.
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This is an amazing piece. I have never seen light in charcoal rendered so well.
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i really need to get back into charcoal. this is really motivational.
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I never could make compressed charcoal work for me. Augh this is so cool!
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The lighting is wonderful.
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Absolutely beautiful, thank you for making this <3
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Is this for sale?
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My favourite piece of yours, which means a lot!!!!
Great book on Charcoal by the way, working on it :)
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That's awesome m8
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Beautiful attention to detail and expressiveness! The contrast and use of light is wonderful!
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Or a old man who experienced so much and willing to pass it to others.
A mentor waiting for his hero to teach.
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A old man who lost everything and has nothing to gain.
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Very good ! really enjoy looking at it :heart:
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Just, woah.
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Beautiful :) There is somehow a lot of emotion in it
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Awesome I once tried to draw with raw charcoal,lets just say it didnt workout haha
 I thought this looked familiar. I saw the review on Halcyon Realms the other day. Looks like a good book. :)
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