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Charcoal on Rives cream paper by Nathan Fowkes
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Dangit why do those lines scream The Moulin Rogue?
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Can the next person who reads this plz look at some of my art and maybe even watch me! Nobody does and I feel so sad 😭
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The strokes are amazing.
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This is so captivating, you show on this portrait that no matther how deep the shadows on the face are, the subject can be as lifelike and organic as your bridesmaid.
Most artists would not use such dark values on the face and if so they wouldn´t achieve a portrait as you did.
It looks kinda creepy
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Wonderful technique! A style like this, with the controlled-calligraphic-like strokes, can't just be replicated on a tablet. Also, was this mostly comprised of vine charcoal?
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oh, I love your work so much
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this style is ridiculously beautiful. it has a striking mix of control and swift, lose hand movements, I love it!
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