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I can't post animations here so here's a dinky little link

Hey everyone I’m launching a Kickstarter!
It goes until September 18th and for $25 you can get in on this!

Click Here!

Guys we're almost halfway there!
Be sure to pitch in :)

Kickstarter by NathanButlerArt


Thu Aug 9, 2018, 4:40 PM
Hi! My name is Nathan! I'm a 21 (going on 22) year old guy who loves cartoons!

I've come a long way from Oklahoma to pursue my dreams, though I really couldn't have gotten this far without the help of my awesome best friend Austin
He's helped me a lot with life stuff and I wouldn't have nearly as many opportunities without him!

Right now I'm a concept artist and illustrator currently studying at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. (I'm a junior this fall!)
My path is a bit fuzzy but my ambitions are pulling me toward a future in the animation industry.

Some of you may know that I'm currently working on my "greatest art project" Which is my... appearance hehe.
I am currently undergoing Hormone Therapy to get the body I want. Most of you might remember me as Natalie, But That isn't who I am now at all!
Consider Natalie long gone :tombstone:

....and consider me a whole new guy! Hi! 
Hello! Lets meet for the first time again!

Bullet; Blue Twitter

Bullet; Black Tumblr

Bullet; White Website 
Bullet; Yellow Hey Dog Dog

Bullet; Purple Webcomic

also I'm gay