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 Some Crossover Story Info (important)

although i do not have alot of stuff planned
i will give alot of things that will be happening in this story
for now and some details etc etc

These are the couples that will be canon in my crossover:


Blossum Utonium x Lisa Simpson
Bubbles Utonium x Mandy Grim
Buttercup Utonium x Gaz Membrane
Professor Utonium x Ms. Keane

Butch Mojo x Johnny Test
Boomer Mojo x Timmy Turner
Brick Mojo x Bart Simpson

Berserk Plutonium x Vicky Trivia
Brat Plutonium x Pacifica Northwest
Brute Plutonium x Milhouse (not for long)

Brute Plutonium x Agent Xero

Princess Morbucks x Gino Terwilliger

Robin snyder x Dee Dee

Bud smith x

HIM x Aku

Ms. Bellum x Sedusa

Mojo jojo x Moko Jono

Star Butterfly x Jackie lynn Thomas

Marco Diaz x Tom Lucitor

Brittany wong x Janna

Hekapoo x Mina Loveberry

Steven Universe x Dipper Pines

Pee dee x Mabel Pines

Melody x Soos

Wendy x

Robby x Tammy

Starfire x Raven

Jinx x Raven

Jinx x Cyborg


Michii jojo x Bella Titanium

Rosa jojo x Barbara Titanium

Ray Plutonium x Blaze simpson

Flare Mclain x Viola Plutonium (eventually)

Bennie Bellum x Nikki Plutonium

Lovino Jojo x Bluebelle Utonium

Lillith Lucitor x Ethan Utonium


Original Characters that will be in the story or mentioned (that are not mine):

Crossover Next Gen- School Prince Idolizes His Sis by Amulet-Voltaire Dexter x Brick Next Gen - Barry's Stalker by Amulet-Voltaire Crossover Next Gen - Flirty Friend by Amulet-Voltaire

These will be others o.c's that will be in the story that are owned by other user's ( Amulet-Voltaire )
(if you have any next generation o.c's you want to submit please provide a ref and i'll consider it)

Okay, now since we have all that cleared here is what basically happens. Him and aku are currently going on some sort of vacation to cheer up Him after a dramatic experience with the power puff girls (I have no idea what it should it be). As Ryu (the son of him and aku ) completely vengeful tries to find a way not to just kill the power puff girls but to destroy the earth and all humanity and makes a gang/ enforcers to do his bidding known as the blood tongues and also relies on his 4 quadruplet sisters (in which will be revealed soon) to help him to get the supplies to help with his master plans as they all mess it up x3. Meanwhile Uma is completely unaware of her brother's attempts and absolutely adores earth an will do anything to protect it.

The PPG:
Blossom, bubbles and Buttercup all went to school and graduated in townsville. Blossom went to a high end university got her degree in accounting and soon found a at home job and soon made stable income. Bubbles become a veterinarian after going to a community college and made very decent money. Buttercup was in the military for 6 years and is now Deployed for the time being but still does things for the military. The Ppg are still working under the city of townsville however being cooped up in townsville they all decide to move to Sheldon town completely unaware the the ppnkg live there as well. as they settle in with their children. Blossom, bubbles and Buttercup

The RRB:
The Rrb at a young age had betrayed mojo jojo due to mistreatment and the lack of affection and joined the Ppg's alliance and grew up together in the same school and often helped the ppg with crimes as they got older they began to drift from each other and Butch began to start acting and soon enough became famous and rich and soon after got with johnny test. However Brick decides to bring the brothers together and settle in Sheldon town so they can be in close contact with the ppg and each other.However Butch is always travelling and hardly is around.

They got trapped in this universe because the lost their way to get back and got in a major fight against the ppg since they were in the same school together and fought too much so they got suspended for months at a time only to do it again they spent all of their teen years in juvenile courts. Berserk got out first and pursued trade school for being a bike mechanic and made tons of money on the side for cage fighting. Brute was the last to get out and was the most violent, she was a full on thug but soon made it up the ranks with power buy killing gang bosses and soon got hired to be a hitman by a rich ceo and lives comfortably. Brat escaped juvenile hall and soon trained herself on how to steal jewelry in high security place and has robbed thousands of banks and was easily rich. They all moved in sheldon city together in hopes of a new life but soon after quarreling with one another they all separate into different part of the town and make their own biker gangs The Quaker's, Inferno's and Blizzard's (was half tempted to name them after the teams in pokemon go xD) and get their gain in number's and occasionally hold competitions against each other. However Brat lives outside of sheldon town and has her own manor where she watches sheldon town and the beach at a distance.

Bunny was the second oldest ppg and was very close to bliss before she left. She was definitely imperfect, she had a ponytail and braces and was totally bullied, but as she got older into her teen years she blossomed into a beautiful woman and was dating mitch in high school. Then one day on a rainy day she got hit by a vehicle and died instantly. Soon after her death she was soon resurrected by Him and convinced her that the ppg didn't want her and work with him however he warned her that if she betrayed him he would kill her. she accepted the deal regardless and was brought back to life only to take care of all the kids that him and aku have bared and soon bared her own with Ember mclain (will be a update on how they got together) and is now The mother of Flare Utonium. She often does housemaid work but also is used for certain missions against the ppg.


Bliss was around when the Ppg were very little when Bliss was about 7 she lost control of her powers the first time, Professor tried everything he could to help stabilize her power. But it didn't work. It eventually took a negative toll on the professor. So much that it tortured Bliss to see him knowing she was the cause of that stress. So she ran away one night and swore never to return until she could control her powers. While travelling the country she reached bay city and befriended Steven when she was around 13 and sang and partied alot of the nights and help fight with the crystal gems when needed. And also went to school in Beach city and went to college nearby to earn her degree as a marine biologist Years passed as she gained more and more control of her power eventually thinking now she can return to townsville. Along the way she passed Sheldon City and unexpectedly met her sisters she had missed all those years. But once she encountered them they immediately rejected her being their sister and were brought up recent news of Finding out that Bunny was working for Aku and Him they did not believe her. Leaving her alone again wondering if she should even try to find family again.

I'm sorry i'm afraid this is all i have so far vuv if you have any questions of concerns please comment down below (i will be editing this ALOT so please bare with me ;;v;; )



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