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UEF Bomber

A concept for Supreme Commander 2, released by Gas Powered Games and Square Enix in 2010.

Drawn in Photoshop using a Cintiq 21UX tablet monitor.
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Dude, this is awesome! Underrated game imo
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This is how planes should look! x
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the Eagle Eye bomber and the Wasp fighter right? i still feel that Supcom 1 is better even though there is the better graphic for Supcom 2.
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no love for FA? I only have FA and SC2, and comparing those, SC2 has waaay better graphics, but FA has ALL THE GAME MECHANICS
skydolphinCNV95's avatar
of course FA is better, i've no doubt about that. :)
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graphic Don't make the game. For me it depends. I think both are good games.
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they are both good in their own ways, just that i prefer Supcom 1 more. :)
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I agree. I also prefer supcom 1 more. I love the scale and how dangerous experimentals are.
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Damn. So awesome. You don't have any leads to buy a Cintiq do you? Been trying to buy one for 6 months. No one has got them!
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Wow. They're sold out? Wacom's doing pretty brisk business these days!

I don't have any special leads, but I have heard many people saying good things about the Asus EP121 Slate, which is a tablet PC with a pressure-sensitive Wacom screen. It costs less than half as much as a Cintiq 21UX, is completely self-contained, and, you know, has a computer inside it.

Here's a comparison between the two: [link]

If I were getting into the Cintiq market right now, I'd give one of those a very, very hard look. Only drawbacks I can think of are battery life (3 hours, but that's what plugs are for) and display size (12 inches, but that's what the magnifying glass is for).

If you DO end up getting a Cintiq, definitely invest in an Ergotron armature. It's a hundred and fifty bucks, and makes the Cintiq a much, much more comfortable experience: [link]
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Yeah, I want the Cintiq. That armature is a GREAT idea. Thank you!
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Outstanding work on the drawing and coloring. It's superb!
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