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Nonplayer Issue 1 Page 8

Page 8 of Nonplayer #1, released April 6 2011 by Image Comics.

All of the pages for Nonplayer are drawn directly in Photoshop CS3 using a Cintiq tablet monitor. For line work I use default brush settings at 100% hardness.

For coloring, I use the popular Multifill and Flatten plugins ([link]) to build selectable areas of color, and then I add new layers of color at different blend modes and opacities (this is a pretty random, haphazard, and slow process).

To learn more about Nonplayer, visit the official site:

To see how the sausage gets made, visit the Project Waldo development blog:
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Modang's avatar
it's absolutely amazing, and wonderful... I love this style. Congratulation, you are so strong... i would like have your level in drawing... one day, in other life, perhaps...
suedemonkey's avatar
the color smells like erasers and crayons on the first day of kindergarten. such a wonderful feeling your artwork gives!
G-Elease's avatar
This looks absolutely amazing, you do some beautiful work
whalewithlegs's avatar
Man, I'm seriously impressed with the color work .
fookinprawnyeah's avatar
Simply stunning work. If I ever win the lottery you my friend are drawing my graphic novel.
Devonition's avatar
absolutely beautiful! i need to get this NOW.
flen666's avatar
amazing comic art!!!
madis-hartte's avatar
Oh my oh my oh my. You HAVE to update soon! *goes off in search of comic*
TheAlmightyPillock's avatar
Faved to this account for you, only fair cince I had faved it on the other one :). Still love your style, I'm normaly not much of a fan of comic books but you have a really nice style.
Ravenvale's avatar
Outstanding, inspiring art, and cool story! I want to buy it.
SupremeComicArt's avatar
Outstanding sequentials! Great job!
Cherrylips2298's avatar
I hope it's for sell. ^^ I was so into it.
Pseudorado's avatar
Wow, love the design and the colors! Looks great.
nctorres's avatar
Gotsta Get this. You rock man!
Bakadog's avatar
All of these pages blow me away.
antalas's avatar
Great stuff. I am totally buying your book. :D
basangpapel's avatar
wow! just wow! love the trees!
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