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Nonplayer Issue 1 Page 3

Poster now available online at the Nonplayer Store: [link]

Page 3 of Nonplayer #1, released April 6 2011 by Image Comics.

All of the pages for Nonplayer are drawn directly in Photoshop CS3 using a Cintiq tablet monitor. For line work I use default brush settings at 100% hardness.

For coloring, I use the popular Multifill and Flatten plugins ([link]) to build selectable areas of color, and then I add new layers of color at different blend modes and opacities (this is a pretty random, haphazard, and slow process).

To learn more about Nonplayer, visit the official site:

To see how the sausage gets made, visit the Project Waldo development blog:
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barfast's avatar
Simply genial!!!
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
Insane details!

I hope the book has been a success for you.
Hyroar's avatar
VERY nice page in every aspect - except for the text in the speechbubbles! It looks to bad for a professional page like this in my oppinion. But apart from that, it's cool.
Oblivious-Light's avatar
This reminds me a lot of the mumakil from lotr, and the march in the forest in the movies, when the rangers attack the southern soldiers...
Sweetroll's avatar
skyrim+weird animals that remind me of avatar the last airbender and that gives me an uneasy feeling - no complaints on the art it'self though.
onoja's avatar
i am too daze to speak
noskapin's avatar
Beautyful! I'm totally amazed by this comicart, and the coloring is so too perfect. I would have used more vibrant/stronger colors this is a bit brownish for my taste. But I'm definatly gonna learn alot from your book, cuz i will buy it ASAP. I really hope i will publish my comic one day :)
hoffien's avatar
I have to agree with everyone above me, this is amazing work. Such detail and I love the colors:D.
noelcarlos's avatar
great work man!keep it up!
greenestreet's avatar
This sir is truly awesome....
LukeBatt's avatar
I can't believe how amazing your work is, absolutely stunning, can't wait to see this comic
frvn-art's avatar
Awesome.. The details are breath taking. Plus, you can notice the different expressions on the archers. from boredom, annoyance and i think anxiety. :worship:
MattFranklin's avatar
this is truly amazing work
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