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December 16, 2011
Suggester said: I find them to be terrific comic pages, filled with mastery and good taste. They are greatly detailed and tell many things about the atmosphere and environment in a few, gorgeously painted panels. Surely an apt introduction for the upcoming story! Nonplayer Issue 1 Page 2 by ~NateSonOfSimp
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Nonplayer Issue 1 Page 2

Poster now available online at the Nonplayer Store: [link]

Page 2 of Nonplayer #1, released April 6 2011 by Image Comics. You can buy a copy of the comic here: [link]

And the digital version of the comic can be found here: [link]

All of the pages for Nonplayer are drawn directly in Photoshop CS3 using a Cintiq tablet monitor. For line work I use default brush settings at 100% hardness.

For coloring, I use the popular Multifill and Flatten plugins ([link]) to build selectable areas of color, and then I add new layers of color at different blend modes and opacities (this is a pretty random, haphazard, and slow process).

To learn more about Nonplayer, visit the official site: [link]

To see how the sausage gets made, visit the Project Waldo development blog: [link]
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RustEdThoughts's avatar
XDAylenYacanteDX's avatar
OH! MAN!!! You kill me with the detail!!!!!!!!!!!
Felisberto's avatar
So your comic is going to hollywood, congrats! Your artwork is a standar of quality.
So you say that you ink this with PS with 100% hardness? Do you use the option for the bursh size to be changed by pressure? It also seems that you lock transparency and sometimes paint the lines of the background of a different color, wich gives a great effect (an maybe you also do the same for the inside part of the rocky areas)
I'd love to see the pencils!! Great work!!!
Btw, The Project Waldo development blog is down.
Felisberto's avatar
When I say "pencils", I mean the sketch part, I know you do everything in Photoshop.
Nanobear's avatar
I really love the usage of really bright colors in this. Sometimes people forget you don't have to use black to show depth. I love this.
Bobann's avatar
MarioArroyo's avatar
I like the beast!!!!!.....(I´m talking about the beast of the illustration)
AngelaLich's avatar
This is beautiful! I love the tone of the colors that you used and I enjoy your clean and detailed line work, nicely done! :)

I really like the design of that creature this guy is using for a mount as well.
Counterdraw's avatar
Thank you for showing such a beautiful and detailed world! I can't wait to start reading it.
Wickt's avatar
SO MUCH DETAIL. It's incredible!
Clesstan's avatar
This is Epic, sir. =D
TheAlmightyPillock's avatar
realy wish I could afford to get this, i got all excited untill I realised it would cost me about £10 just to get delivered over to england. Realy anoying. (I Know £10 isnt much but it is when its three times the cost of the comic)
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Jexmanuel's avatar
Jexmanuel's avatar
The power of Moebius compels you!
MatthewNM's avatar
this looks similar to the works of Trina Schart Hyman! Amazing work.
phodyr's avatar
Love the linework. Well done.
quadren4's avatar
how long does it take you to make these?!?!?
kanzeNatsume's avatar
so much godliness, I can't even compare
eastone1212's avatar

It is your cartoon work?
Wow.. It's so... beautiful..
wangqr's avatar
whoa, tat's alot of time spent! Niceeee work >.< I wish I have ur patience!!
action-figure-opera's avatar
looks a lot like Moebius's style. I like it.
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