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January 20, 2013
Nonplayer 1 Final Spread by ~NateSonOfSimp
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Nonplayer 1 Final Spread

Final two-page spread for Nonplayer #1, released April 6 2011 by Image Comics. You can buy a copy of the comic here: [link]

And the digital version of the comic can be found here: [link]

All of the pages for Nonplayer are drawn directly in Photoshop CS3 using a Cintiq tablet monitor. For line work I use default brush settings at 100% hardness.

For coloring, I use the popular Multifill and Flatten plugins ([link]) to build selectable areas of color, and then I add new layers of color at different blend modes and opacities (this is a pretty random, haphazard, and slow process).

To learn more about Nonplayer, visit the official site: [link]

To see how the sausage gets made, visit the Project Waldo development blog: [link]
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Wow, your line work and detailing is overwhelming and breath taking.  Sort of reminds me of Darrow meets Mucha/Art Nouveau?  I am embarrassed to be so unfamiliar with your work, but I will be seeking it out!  I also like how you link to other cool info/stuff!  
InfiniteDiversity's avatar
Excellent work. It's rare for comic artists to put such attention into backgrounds.
LucySheen's avatar
beautiful love it
MelodyGlow's avatar
love the setting!
i always fail at backgrounds!
Jace-Aeden-Acastes's avatar
Again, the detail work os mind blow'ing. I love art like this where you see something new every you look at it.
Robertwarrenharrison's avatar
I own the print shop that did these posters for you.  I hope you are happy with them.  I look at this everyday and I have not grown tired of seeing it.  It always stops me in my tracks and I have to look for a matter how busy I am.  Wonderful work!
lulinha1000's avatar
Formidable work,and also your tips are nice!
deerbard's avatar
It's fantastic! I'd like to see more of your art.
vanchoran's avatar
robertojales's avatar
WOW! Just amazing! Great job.
Neruall's avatar
Great idea and realization, I love it !
EisArt's avatar
Holy visionary... This is so wonderful on all levels!! :-)
zoomzoom's avatar
this reminds me of the work by Kōji Morimoto on Beyond for Animatrix... Do u know who I am talking about?
Amrock's avatar
vampeer1's avatar
StickyShed's avatar
I really like your colours and composition in this (:
Nonplayer is such a diverse world :O!!!!!!
absolutely in love with it!! XD
10/10 man
zedquestar's avatar
Congrats on being picked up! Fabulous line work & gorgeous coloring.
Robsnyder's avatar
Wow I'm impressed, and that hard to do anymore the composition and line work are nice and clean, maybe a bit more line weight in a few places might help with separation but on the whole Kudos. Keep it up your on your way.the color work is really nice to good use of the palette u have chosen.
Alexis-Croft111's avatar
that looks really amazing ouo
lalooze's avatar
ChippGenome's avatar
i love the concept
xSallyMx's avatar
Amazing use of color!
Ardillas's avatar
like wow - beautifu; lines/drawing and colours too :)
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