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Zippo and Coke

By Naterman
To start off, this piece was very fun! My number one goal was to try and make it as photorealistic as I could. I think I got pretty close, but there are several little things that stick out to me and are not worth stating.

I used my favorite media on this; Sharpie permanent marker. I had a hard time scanning the picture due to its size so the image you see was taken with my camer and does not completely show off the piece's true beauty.

I spent close to 30 hours completing this piece. My main inspiration for it was Brian Duey. He has done a few pieces with zippos and one of my favorites of his features a pepsi can. So, I thought I'd change it up a bit and put a coke can in mine, but there really was no substitute for a zippo...

So Enjoy!

Completed 2008
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1608x2672px 1006.28 KB
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1/13 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 10, 2007, 8:06:02 PM
© 2008 - 2021 Naterman
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Adros-Valon's avatar
Getting ready for a Yeti Be like
JackofAllAss's avatar
Pure Americana.  :)
thingsthatscream's avatar
what is the format?
Zenii1993's avatar
bloodyy awssmmm !!! :))
68Dusty's avatar
Two of the universe's finest creations.

Also, this is a drawing? I clicked on the thumbnail thinking it was a picture!
excellent job mate love it
shenanigan87's avatar
Hehe, nice one! :) I'm thinking about buying a Zippo just for the sake of having one, even though I have no need for it whatsoever.
Mecrov's avatar
two of my favorite adicctions
GQepidemic's avatar
wow, badass pic bro
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shuups's avatar
The-Spirit-Walker's avatar
Wow, I can't believe you did this with Sharpies! I don't get it, HOW?! How did you get such a range with sharpies?
You totally terrify me with your talent.
FotoNerdz's avatar
hi, i have just featured your work here: [link]
01001001's avatar
perfect combination!^^
FotoNerdz's avatar
hey! i like your avatar! Nikon colors have a look to my journal ther is an entry that can interest u
01001001's avatar
thanks! your journal is very cool ! I <3 Coke
FotoNerdz's avatar
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great job i love drawing zippos too
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badcciintra's avatar
Hi! Your work has been featured here: [link]
That's not the most big neither the most famous feature, but it was made with love :manhug:
Sorry for the delay, I've been so busy this days :blushes:
Thanks very much for sharing ur amazing work!:hug:
golfiscool's avatar
You really did a great job on this!!
GReeNTeeNA's avatar
Zippo & Coke what can be more lovely & crazy...It's beautiful!!Congrats!
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