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January 23, 2009
Hellboy by ~raede"is superior comic art all-around." With bold colors and dynamic linework, this piece delivers action and fun with great skill!
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did this for a draw-off over on PJ. that and i hadn't draw HB for a while.

i tried to keep the feel of the hellboy comics and what not, but still keeping it in my style. i think i pulled it off.
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ToonCastro's avatar
Aah nice Hellboy is one of my favorite heroes
BulbaFriend's avatar
What is this, Hellboy vs Frankenape?
spiderhog500's avatar
Did Jamie Hewlett draw Hellboy?
tessa744's avatar
Whoah!! This is amazing!! great job! 
Wilson250380's avatar
Rammsteinfan1994's avatar
mandarinmannen's avatar
Is this one Gorilla Grodd?
malyssa2331's avatar
it looks awesome
awesome comic pic of hellboy
Mister-23's avatar
He's gonna mess that Gorilla up!

Thank you for Submitting this piece to the "In The Panels"!


If possible, consider joining please.
111-JL-111's avatar
very good ....MIGNOLA RULES !!!!
tobi1480's avatar
Excellent work!
BrittRuBy123's avatar
That looks kinda familiar to the animated version of Hellboy. Nice!:thumbsup::D
KitsuneLovesRyuu's avatar
Ooh, HB is so going to kick the ass of that kriegaffe ^^
RavarokJudge's avatar
I would have to say the Gorilla's mouth is my favorite part of this peace.
Neukuzki's avatar
o.O Thats form Conquer Worm story! awesome work!
Darth-Hellgrrl's avatar
AIGH!!! Teach me to open my big mouth before I double-check my's true! Just re-read the Conqueror Worm graphic novel: you're absolutely right, Raede, Kriegaffe DID show up in this room and pounce on HB for a re-match. Mea culpa! =8-0

And great scene! :D
Darth-Hellgrrl's avatar
Yep, the background and GREAT great ape (yay, Kriegaffe!) are from the Conqueror Worm comic arc (though Krieg didn't jump him in this particular room) ... until I recognized it, I thought the artist was the guy who worked on the animated Hellboy stuff (Cheeks!), and was crossing my fingers that this was a scene for the much-anticipated third animated movie ... cross your fingers that it comes out someday, and grats on Devil's Due, dude! You do great work! :)
salimcinisli's avatar
lovely!! comic style..) +repp..)
chilipalmer's avatar
My fav comic book character! Stunning work!
Anclin's avatar
wow... that would be a blast... :]
WinkGuy1's avatar
AlwaysAliasNic's avatar
*Gasp!* I see a Hellboy of awesomeness! Very nice work. I think his tail is a little too long, but not by too much... Otherwise I can't see a thing wrong with it. Wonderful job!
Chibi-d00d's avatar
isn't that guy from Science of Evil?
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