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Imperio by Natello Crucio by Natello Legilimens by Natello Avada Kedavra by Natello 
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That was a horrible scene. I felt awful for the poor kid. I also really disliked him at the same time but he was just a kid. And he was only sixteen (I think) when it happened! It was even worse seeing it in the movie. Thinking how much he whined and cried when Buckbeak slashed him in the third book...and in the sixth he was just...quiet. :worry: I thought he was gonna die for a second. And I was almost murdered a guy?
Haha, anyway...nice little rendition for Malfoy. I like their look of something like Tarot cards. Malfoy's would be some misfortune card: "poor boy gets horribly injured in a bathroom because his crazy dad was a Death Eater and his friend died in a fire".
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Thank you! :) Yes, Draco is an interesting character.
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:heart: Your series of spells is fabulous!
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Thank you so much! :aww:
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This is amazing! I wish I was this good! 🙂🙂🙂
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Hello I am writing a fanfiction on Wattpad and I'd love to use this drawing as a cover. 
May I? *puppy face with big eyes and cuteness* 
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I'm not sure how Wattpad works, is it like or something similar? I don't even have access to Watpad :(
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Wattpad is a place where people write stories, and fanfictions. I would also love to use some of your art for covers there, is it possible for you to let me? I would make sure to credit you an can even send you a link to the story I use it in. :D
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man i so desperately want to see more spell illustrations from you!!!
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I really wish I had more inspiration to draw them :)
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me too ;P

i fully understand though.
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To jest tak piękne ze aż brak mi słów. Strasznie podoba mi sie twoja kreska jest taka lekka i bardzo przyjemna dla oka 
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Your depiction of Draco is perfect. Thank you for bringing to life the Draco I can now better picture when I read when I read the books (and fanfiction). :)
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Aww, I'm really happy you like it. Thank you! :aww:
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This account is only to add favorites but here... I can't just add it and tell nothing. It is awesome. I love it!
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Thank you so much :heart:
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This is so good! 
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