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Ron and Hermione

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Is so warm and nice but uhm... I don't like so much the style. But details are always awesome, so good job!
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Thank you :aww: Yeah, I like trying different styles :D
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Love the green on Hermione. It's normally associated with Harry. 
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It's so warm and lovely :>
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I just reallly love the brain scars >u<
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aw ron looks so cute look at em freckles
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i looooove the extra details of the scars! this looks really nice
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Thank you so much! :aww:
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i'm not sure if i've ever brought it up with you, but what are your thoughts on a black hermione? i would assume based off your drawings that you don't mind her being black.

i'm not a big fan of her as black, it suits her nicely, but i'm also just really stuck in my own vision of hermione, and she is just NOT black in my head (she also doesn't look like emma watson). idk, it doesn't bother me, per say, when she's drawn black, i just always take it with a grain of salt.

and please don't be mad, i mean no disrespect to you, i ALWAYS adore your artwork, doesn't matter what colors you use, i just like seeing your visions
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FrozenFeather. Don't be ashamed that you think that Hermione is white, because she is white and that is numerous times mentioned in the books. Don't be afraid and ashamed when some loud and agressive SJWs come and call you names who just really don't have any real meaning anymore. 

I just don't like when she is made black. If she had been black in the books, no problem there for me. If instead of her the main female character have been Parvati Patil or Cho Chang no problem there for me. But I don't understand why making her black is considered so cool and good, and this just sounds as an ideological choice for me. I don't think now about drawings, because they are only drawings, but all hype about that (sadly I don't see drawings with Hermione with short hair, or with blonde hair, or with red hair or anyother kind). I just don't understand, why making white characters nowhite seems so cool. But if you write a no-white character as white, you will be call a racist and just mobbed by an angry mob. Of course they will be use many pseudohistorical arguments and how "opressed" they are. But those arguments are just silly. No real, but made contra reality, only counted on making you feel bad and ashamed. They aren't real arguments, but just based on emotions.

And yes in a case of Hermione and Harry and others in this book series it is "white - default", because this is a book series from a historically white country, written by a white woman, so most characters with english names are white, if there isn't mentioned that they aren't. This is logical. The same like in a japanese book a character called Yukio Minomoto is a japanese by default. In India in indian books, or in China in chinese books, parallel situation, and noone have anything against that. But only we white europeans, or descendants of white europeans from other continents are constantly attacked by SJWs and some insolent persons who call us names. Don't be afraid of them. 

I'm reading now an indian book "The immortals of Meluha", and suprise, I don't call this book racists, because all characters are Indians in this book. I enjoy this book just as it is. And yes in India any other people than Indians are seen as others, Indians are very patriotic and pround of their roots, when we Europeans try to be like that we are called "racists" and "bigots". In Japan any other people are seen as gaijin and aren't very well liked. But so what? That's their countries and their ways of life. China? Well the same, The Chinese people in oposition and disdain towards "barbarians". But we are supposed to bow against wishes of constantly "offended" minorities who call us names and how evil we are, and who don't allow anykind of disscusion but just cry "racism" and block adversaries. But that's a diffrent matter what is wrong with the modern world. All those easily offended snowflakes, SJWs, "safe spaces" and crying "racism" all the time. 

End of my statement. I hope someone will enjoy this, and I won't read any opinnions of crying offended "minorities", because they cannot say anything original. 
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very well put, i brought up a few of these points in some of my replies, but i hid them all hoping to not string out the argument, it honestly wasn't meant to offend anyone or deter from the artwork, it was just something i wanted to ask natello.

but don't worry i'm certainly not ashamed, i wasn't saying anything wrong or inappropriate, so there's no reason to.
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why are you so against her being black tho? everyone is entitled to their headcanons but what difference does it make if she's black? or asian? or latina?  i just find it strange when people claim to not be bigoted but simply can't accept a character with a non-specified race being portrayed as non-white. it's almost as if white=default, and that's a problem. i don't understand why people of color are seen as "other", especially when there is more of us around the world...
FrozenFeather's avatar
well first, i was just stating an opinion, and i certainly wasn't being a bigot, it's called an opinion, not a judgement.

but i'm personally not AGAINST it. like i said, it just isn't how i see her. with this specific example, rowling was VERY specific when she introduced a character if they were black or not. at least main characters. i mean she probably said dean thomas was black like 8 times in the first 4 books lol and then they introduced kingsley and he was clearly stated as being black several times. cho chang was given a clearly asian name to give you a specific vision in your head. so if hermione, one of the three MAIN characters, that was described about a million times, wasn't ever implied to have darker skin tones of any sort it made my mind immediately sees her as being white, the color of my skin, my default. i think it's very natural for people to imagine unseen characters, not described otherwise, within the context of their own race. a black child that is reading a story about a person would PROBABLY envision them black unless told otherwise. a latina child would do the same, and a white child. it's just natural to envision what you know best. that's not to say EVERYONE would do that, it's just the most common's actually implied, in my opinion, that she is white. she's described several times as looking very white and pale, when she's scared, she blushes furiously a few times, etc. now i know black people can blush and they get paler when blood rushes out of the face, but it's described as being very noticeable, and i just don't think she would have brought it up so much if hermione was actually black in her vision.  so then you get into why i keep that vision and why i'm not a big fan of seeing her shown different in such a drastic way? well it's because it's very different. plain and simple. i've come to have a vision of her, and now it's totally different. it's like giving her glasses, it's never stated in the books she didn't have glasses. so then imagine lots of people keep drawing glasses on her, wouldn't that be a bit weird? not ugly and gross and WRONG, just different, and not what i envisioned and have come to accept. that all being said i've seen LOTS of amazing artworks of black hermione. it's the art and the characters that i love, not the way they look.

my question for you is why do people get so uppety whenever race is brought up in a conversation. neither natello or i ever said we don't like her being black, it's just a matter of how someone visualizes a character, and then you just get stuck in that mentality. nothing wrong with that.
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i never called you a bigot. i just asked a question, calm down. 
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"i just find it strange when people claim to not be bigoted but simply can't accept a character with a non-specified race being portrayed as non-white." i suppose you could take this another way, that you are claiming others to be bigoted, but frankly you're implying that people who say things like what i said are being bigots, soooo through the context you're claiming my comment was bigoted.

so you're either calling me a bigot, or you're being a hypocrite by not calling me a bigot when my comment matched what you perceived as being bigoted. either way i really don't care. i just think it's sad that you're narrow minded enough to not be able to look beyond the words, and figure out what a person is truly saying and feeling, just because race is involved.

also i don't mean to be rude but i'm not responding to anything more, i want to be respectful to natello, this sort of conversation doesn't need to be strung out on her beautiful art and i've already said to much here. so i'm letting it drop, continue if you'd like.
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As long as people don't force me to see a character certain way I don't mind any depiction of the character. And I totally understand you :) My Hermione is white (not Emma Watson either), she was white in my head when I was reading the books. But when I see so many great drawings by other artists where Hermione is black and it looks really cool and somehow fresh I want to try it myself. I like when people come up with new original designs for characters, it's interesting to see something new. What I don't like is when people try to impose their opinions on me, try to convince me something is better, more worthy than something else. I don't want anyone to change for me. I draw what I think would look ok at the particular moment, that's all. It's art, it's fiction, I'm free to express myself the way I want, I don't hurt anyone with it. I like open minded people who don't criticise each other for stuff they imagine. It might be annoying to see people changing everything in the canon, and the fandom gets really tiresome sometimes, but I learn to ignore things I'm not interested in (it doesn't always work but oh well :D) So, I want to draw her both (or more) ways because I can and it makes me happy :aww: As a said, my Hermione will always be white but art is for experimenting and depicting new things and ideas so... yeah :D

Also :heart:

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