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Ron and Hermione

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I like drawing kisses kiss for moral up

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FireLizard2005Student Digital Artist
I wish I will kiss someone liker him
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Kelina10Student Digital Artist
You like drawing kisses and your spectacular at them:heart:
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Aww, this is so cute!!!
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Thank you! :)
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Cute :3
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Lightstroke94 Filmographer
I LOOOOOOOOVE your HP pics! You always draw them with such warmth and energy; they capture a vibrant joy that I really only got reading the books and listening to the audiobooks by Jim Dale. Keep it up!! :meow:
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Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! :heart: :heart:
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FLO311Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute💜💜💜💜💜💜😍
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Thank you :aww:
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Thanks! :aww:
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theolivethief14Student General Artist
im dyin scoob
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Capt-LaurenHobbyist Digital Artist
Your anatomy is so lovely! It isn't perfectly realistic but that adds so much personality and expression to your poses. Love your work
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Thank you! I'm glad you think so :aww:
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I never knew Hermione had dark skin in the books. Though, to be fair, I saw the movies first (I was one when the first one came out) so I guess I always pictured Emma Watson when I was reading about Book!Hermione.
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I feel lucky that I read the books first but still the movies had some influence on my imagination. I've always imagined her white, and I still do. I think I was a lot like her (buck teeth included :D) so it was fun to read about her as if we were the same. But I like that she can be seen differently too and still remain the Hermione :aww: Also, I think Rowling imagined her white but yeah, I don't see anything wrong with drawing her black :aww:
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I mean I think she was black in Cursed Child. I don't know.
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Yes, Hermione was played by a black actress in the Cursed Child :)
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Hermy-oneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Black Hermione is artistic license as Hermione's skin is not mentioned and there is about a 97% probability she is white. Its sort of tragic when people cant imagine characters their own way after watching a movie, Emma's portrayal is quite different from Hermione in looks and personality. 
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ToraachHobbyist Photographer
Hermione is described as a white in the books. In the HBP, is a moment when she had a black eye, and is described as similar to a panda. Pandas have white fur on "face" and round black patches around their eyes. 
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Hermy-oneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes her cheeks also turn red in the cold. What Im was saying though is although we are supposed to assume she is white or at most a little tan, its vague enough for people to play around with it. 
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RuechillaStudent Filmographer
Just throwing this out here as a black person.  Our cheeks get red and we do get black eyes lol.  Black is a race no a specific color.  There are black people all over the world who have the same skin tone as white people as well.

JKR was very clear in multiple interviews that she never mentioned Hermione's race.  I think it's nice people are able to show their own varying depictions of her :]
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Hermy-oneHobbyist Traditional Artist
JKR is intensly detailed, she knows every minor characters birthdays and their grandparents birthdays. Hermiones skin color is not up for debate. She's just nicely allowing fans to do what they will and being rather PC too. Harry noticed angelina johnson was a tall black girl, Im pretty sure he noticed what his best friend looked like. 

Classic table turned example, you love a popular book taking place in a country in Africa with a hero clearly described as black and his best friend, a loved character, is described with corkscrew curly hair but no skin color given. Then it becomes a movie and they asian girl with a perm, that would be annoying and bizarre and fans would be upset. Let alone casting a pretty white blonde girl, in that case hell would have no fury. 
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