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It was the most wonderful feeling.

(my version of) Victor Krum :)

Other spells:
Crucio by Natello Legilimens by Natello Avada Kedavra by Natello Sectumsempra by Natello 

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I'd date this version of Krum, so handsome 
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Hahaha, thank you! :D
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You come up with such creative ways to represent things~
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Thank you so much! :aww:
KPaper's avatar
every single one of these captures the characters so well. especially love the hands
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Thank you so much! :aww:
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Methe-Ebria's avatar
Your Victor is absolutely wonderful. I like it, that he looks so vulnerable here.
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Thank you so much! :aww:
The-Wondersketch-Guy's avatar
The hands.
And I love the way you draw characters
When I give my cartoons really red noses or fingers everyone's like:
"Why is it always winter in your drawings?"

Also I love his beard-stubble-thing.
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Aww, thank you so much! Glad you like it :aww: Hehe, I know the pain but honestly, red noses and fingers look really cool :D
FrozenFeather's avatar
i love this rendition of krum!
PotatoFromSpace's avatar
Omg can you do more like these? I really love your spell draws. The way you imagine harry potter's characters. You're amazing!
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Thank you! :aww: I really wish but finding the right spell is really hard. I'll have to think about it, I considered Imperio the last one from this series but who knows...
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aww I love it ! Nicely done :D
It's funny how he reminds me of the singer of Oscar and the wolf, go see by yourself :…
Natello's avatar
Ah! Thank you! Cool song and video btw. Yeah, he looks a bit like him :D I used some other musician for the reference though :)
SerifeB's avatar
You're welcome! :D Glad you like it! Well, I love this band, they are awesome! *-* 
The video was inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. :)
Oh, can you tell me who ? :o 
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That's cool! :) And nah, maybe it's better to keep it a secret ;)
kissedbyavampire's avatar
Your version of Viktor is wonderful! You have a pronounced nose without making it comical.
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Thank you so much!! Smile 
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:O Ohmyword He's perfect.
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