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My Bio

I use Ai in part or whole in all of my art. If you enjoy the non premium art then please feel free to download it and print it as you like for personal use. No need for donations, just want to share it with the world. For non personal use just send me a message with the details about request.

Feel free to make wholesome / non-NFT related requests.

Going to try doing 30 days of profile skins / tiles. Because why not.... Feel free to leave suggestions / inspiration.
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Ai Art Project

1 min read
Thought I'd share one of the processes I use to create my Ai Art. For this piece I will blend two of my other pieces together using Midjourney and then using Dall2 / SD and Photoshop to fix up the results. First I started with these two of my previous images: They Blended into the following: The image looked pretty good, but had some flaws with the face and hands. From here I cropped the face and the hands then had Dalle 2 / SD see what they could do using the prompt "Female druid holding magic" while inpainting. It took about 30 more images to get okayish hands and face that I added to the image. I then photoshoped (poorly) the magic a bit closer to the body so it didn't look like she had two elbows on her left arm. Lastly I put it through an upscaler to sharpen the lines a bit This is the final product: Still has flaws, but a bit better than the first output.
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There is a group of DA members out there pushing for #Ai tags for any image where Ai was used. The main purpose behind this is thinking that if all the Ai artists on DA can just tag all of their Ai images then they will be able to sort out the Ai art and never see Ai art / see significantly less. I'm here to tell you why this won't work, and why anyone who asks / demands that images get tagged this way or actually does tag their image for this reason is wasting their time. There is a better solution to this that will take far less work. First let's look at the reasons why this will not work: - Volume of Ai artists / Art - The number one reason why this will not work is just the sheer volume of Ai images and Ai artists. Every day there are new Ai artists that join the site, I'd say probably 10:1 when comparing to traditional artists and as time moves on that will only skew further in favor of Ai artists. It would take an army of people to just notify all of the new DA Ai artists even
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Thank you for all favourites!!

I knew I'd appreciated your work before. Thank you for faving whatever the heck you did, because it brought me back to your gallery.

Have a great one. :)

You are closing in of 5000 viewers! FIVE. THOUSAND! Dude, that's gnarly! :squee:

Slowly creeping along :)

Amazing creativity 👍👍

Really glad I stumbled upon your gallery. Very nice.