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November 9, 2014
[Stock & Resources]  This fabulous tutorial clearly explains how to successfully paint fur. Artists will definitely enjoy Painting Creature Fur by NateHallinanArt 
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Painting Creature Fur


EDIT: For a more extensive tutorials on how to paint different types of hair and fur check out these videos I made.…

EDIT: Thanks for the DD! :)

Here's a fur tutorial because I'm awesome like that. No, someone actually asked me kindly who's trying improve upon their technique. (And I had the spare time.) This is basically how I go about creating fur for creatures. It may seem like a lot of steps, but it goes very quick once you have it down.

Use the download button to get the brushes I used plus a few extra.

Make sure to check out my FB art page for more updates like this.

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ch20060602's avatar
thx for sharing
sdale154's avatar
I love this tutorial :) Hey, if you change the color to black and put some eyes on it you got a soot sprite lol :3
IvanaNebpehtire's avatar
Thank you for both tutorial and the brush! Love 
VickArtStrong's avatar
This is so nice. Thank you for your help.
MarinaPolo's avatar
Thanks a lot for this easy and helpful tutorial! I saved a lot of time! ^^
PassingReMark's avatar
really beautiful.
ZaykoO's avatar
FlareAndIcicle's avatar
Thank you for this, it is really clear and helpful. I especially love how much the last step 'pimps' the entire sphere! :heart:
Joelblu's avatar
Thank you so much for this POST!!  
Laggtastic's avatar
I knew a big while back this tutorial would be helpful when I was about to go paint fur, so I added it to my faves. Now that moment is here and man I'm glad I faved it as this really helped me out to find an approach of painting fur (otherwise I would be like "Where the heck should I start" haha=P
Hey man, fantastic tutorial and keep up you're awesome works, they are really cool and a great resource of inspiration^^
Xholankha's avatar
Excellent tutorial, thanks a lot! It works insanely well!
NateHallinanArt's avatar
Awesome, glad it helped!
EarWaxKid's avatar
I'm leader of a art club so this is very helpful. thank you.
NateHallinanArt's avatar
GinsengLag's avatar
This is so helpful. Thanks for the brushes, too :)
wednesdaywolf's avatar
thanks looks helpful.
applejuicemagic's avatar
Oh man, I came across this at the perfect time. My fur was looking superflat.. so thank you!!
nondev's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing this! A very clever method :)
LightDarkWolf1424's avatar
This tutorial could also double as a Tribble tutorial haha :)! I <3 this
g-haze's avatar
I followed it, you're right, once you got it down it's really easy!

ill be using this a lot. SHANKS FOR SHARING IT!
Imaliea's avatar
Fantastically useful tutorial!! thank you for taking the time :)
Mrs-Durden's avatar
Your amazing work has been featured here: Daily Deviations Weekly Highlight! :heart:
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