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Nightcrawler - The Order of X

(Kyrt V'wagnyr – Roughly translates from elven as Nightcrawler.)
Kyrt never knew his real parents. He was found by a band of elves as an infant. They were on a twilight march, celebrating the new moon, when they found him crawling next to his basket on a riverbank. They happily adopted him seeing that he was part elf. His enchanting midnight appearance and mysterious abilities makes him highly regarded among elves. Magic runs deep in the race of elves but Kyrt's abilities are more potent than most.

Kyrt joined The Order of X because he, being different himself, strongly believes in their quest. Additionally, Xavier's family has always been friends of the elves. Kyrt also hopes that one day he might find answers to his past and discover who his parents are.

(Personal notes) Elves have become clean-shaven beings in popular media. I felt it would be fun to make elves in this reality closer to nature like animals and, in contrast, slightly more fury. (Maybe also have tails?)

Check out the character exploration of him here.

Description of The Order of X can be found here:…

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  NIghtcrawler is one of most favourite mutants all times.  I would prefer him with pirate clothes, but this characterization is great.  
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This series deserves a show. A long one.
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I love the detail you did with Nightcrawler's fur! Even his tail, and I've NEVER seen any comic artist draw his tail with fur! Excellent job!
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Oh maiii it's a Johnny Depp Nightcrawler! Lol just kidding the artwork is really good!
nitroyanika's avatar
Great costume. It can be considered long. Every detail is in place and the topic! And the claws on the boots and pants "from the film" and jacket - all super. Implanted metal tail looks great. 
But his face does not look like ... 
Sorry, I'm picky.
Elves with beards? Are you mad! Real elves do nothave beards (or body hair)!

Nightcrawler would have either made a very good Tiefling (perhaps part-elvish) or if you want to keep his nickname a dark elf with (blue skin and) fuzzy hair but still looking 'human' (five fingers, five toes, no tail).
NateHallinanArt's avatar
"Real" elves? Are you sure? :)
'Real' as in the standard elves based on Tolkien's mythology.
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Have you seen the elves of The Elder Scrolls? They not only grow them facial hair and they are not immortal magical beings, semi perfect, hugging trees, are mortal just like humans with longer life cycles but cups slower growth and reproduction with triangular faces and almond eyes. Are also biggest moherfuckers in the world comparable to the Nazis who were dedicated to enslave other species they considered inferior especially human, that was until the kingdoms and tribes of humans joined, they established themselves as an empire and underwent elves and beast-men to his authority, forcing them to abolish slavery and become part of the new empire or exterminate them.
There is not a joke in this video game franchise the high elves are the biggest motherfucking assholes in the world not only consider humans as animals and force them to abandon their gods in exchange for not eradicate them, they consider the other elven races as the dark elves, wood elves and orcs as corrupt aberrations compared to themselves even kill their own babies than showing the milder mutations and base their supposed superiority that they are "descendants of the gods" of which is bullshit because in this franchise already settled in lore long ago that all intelligent races including humans are descendants of the same race who lost much of his powers and immortality to create the world. Are so crazy as fuck that actually are willing to destroy the fabric of the universe in order to get immortality!
No, I haven't. And BTW those are no true elves but something the developers called elves.
MrNahual2099's avatar
Not all modern fantasy works have to be exact replicates of the ideas of Tolkien you idiot! If you base your idea as are the elves, through the film version of Lord of the Rings from Peter Jackson, seriously you provoke me shame. Peter Jackson is an overrated asshole which the unique films he has directed are adaptations and remakes, including his version of Sauron is a shameless rip-off of the Warriors of Chaos from Warhammer Fantasy Battles with the only difference that the warriors of chaos are a race of awesome giant Nordics who worship gods of chaos that would turn Sauron and Voldemort in their personal bitches. Whose more manipulative, bloodthirsty, hedonistic or putrefying worshipers reward them with mutations that eventually can become a demon prince worshiped as a living god or become a chaos spawn reduced to a mindless Eldrith abomination which best use would be as a dispensable war beast.
Try to keep it civil and do not start to insult all who do not share your opinion!!! And do not throw around assumptions that are not supported by the post you reply to!!! I've never said that all elves should be exact replicates of Tolkien's elves. If they were to, then they should not have pointed ears! No, many of the ideas about elves (pointed ears, no beards, long sword and longbow as favourite weapons, dislike of dwarves and their weapons, existence of evil elves, etc.) come from D&D and did influence most fantasy worlds. Thus, every interpretation of elves that is too different is seen as wrong by most.
But I think my words are wasted here, because it seems that you have the urge to insult those whose opinion you do not share, even if it is not your work that is criticized.
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I see you have taken his nickname of fuzzy elf literally, and as a huge Kurt fan, I absolutely love what you've done! Love the fact that the  arrow-tip of his tail is another blade rather than a natural draconian shape, gives the 'blue elf' a sort of transitional look between a monkey and a human almost, but not quite. He kind of has an assassin/pirate theme going. 
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Beautiful!! This series of art is so impressive! You made him look very, very attractive. :giggle:
drewblade's avatar
very interesting concept
rajasegar's avatar
Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations at
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I would love to see these amazing drawings  turned into characters for a new X-Men movie series. 
The story awesome. The pictures are very, very detailed. And I just.... I guess I just love them! (:

NateHallinanArt's avatar
Thank you very much!
RiotingKnucklehead's avatar
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Game of thrones spin-off
RandomSketchGeek247's avatar
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IMHO the best design out of the entire Order.
Onanymous's avatar
Absolutely brilliant! I love the clawed boots and the tail blade. The longer hair really works for him too.
NateHallinanArt's avatar
Thank you very much!
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