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Niddler - Pirates of Dark Water

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This is Niddler the second character in my Pirates of Dark Water series. He's a multi-hued monkey bird from the planet Mer. It's anybodies guess but he resembles a cross between a spider monkey and a parrot. He is a character from one of my childhood favorite cartoons; The Pirates of Dark Water. As you can see, one of his favorite snacks is Minga Melon.
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i just finsihed watching PODW it was an intresting show. do you have any plans to do the other main charters? becouse this art is amazing  
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Holy cow! There's some impressive detail here!

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I am wondering if Niddler was inspired by the Bowie lyric from Moonage Daydream, "you're squawking like a pink monkey bird"
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Beautiful, You truly made him into a beievable creature
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He's so cute :D 

Pirates Of Dark Water was one of my favorite series.
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Amazing detailing! Nice touch with the Minga Melon, too.
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This is so pretty and life like. Good job
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This has absolutely made my night. Not often I find such great art of one of my favorite old time cartoons. Used to watch it when I could.
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(due anyone know how to spell that?)

awesome work. Loved that show as a kid!
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oh wow!!!!!!!!! You really did just fantastic!!!
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omg, you are fast becoming my hero!   Are  you doing MORE of PoDW characters then?  After looking through your stuff, I would really, really, really like to see you do more of this.  I loved this show (and let's face it, it really wasn't that well done. But it had pirates, and magic, and pirates, and cool characters, and pirates, etc)

I could just imagine a CGI series like this.  friggin nerdgasm!
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Oh my gosh, I just saw this guy and.... freaked out pretty hard in my chair.  It's Niddler!!!  :iconlawooplz:

Oh my gosh.... and he's just so beautifully rendered too.... :iconrlytearplz:

I loved that show SO hard.  :heart:  Thank you for this mad raging nostalgia-punch.  :love:
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I thought his favorite snack was pomegranate. 
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Awesome wrk mate, looks like is high or drunk =)), great job mate.
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your welcome:> keep up :D
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Yay for Pirates of Dark Water fans!!!
Do you know about the first 5 original episodes that were named "Dark Water"?
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Thank you! I'm not sure, it's been a while since I watched them.

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the original 5 were only released on the Fox TV channel back in '96 under the name "Dark Water". After that they were edited and re-released into a VHS movie under the name "Pirates of Dark Water" and from there into a 21-episode series with the same name.

Yup. I'm a nerd fangirl. 
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Wow, 15-year flashback to when I was ~10 and watched this on TV.

Really beautiful.  
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i adored that show!
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Suddenly, nostalgia!
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