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Lord Xavier - The Order of X

Lord Charles Xavier is the lord and founder of The Order of X. Charles developed the abilities to read, control, and influence human minds. He formed The Order because he saw and felt the injustice happening to the 'gifted' people around him. Understanding his role he felt that it was his noble duty to protect these people.

Tragically, Charles was mortally wounded in an encounter with a black dragon as a young adult. Before the dragon could kill Xavier and his soldiers, Xavier forced his mind onto the Dragon's. Not only did this stop the dragon but Xavier was able to tame it. This was the first time in history that a man was able to gain obedience over a dragon.

(Personal notes) You can see I obviously liked Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Professor X. He's played kings in other roles and what better fit for this reinterpretation. Why fix what isn't broken? You might have guessed but the black dragon is the re-imagination of the Blackbird jet. I also had fun playing with the combination of a throne and a wheelchair; it became a character in itself. The words engraved into the back are Mutatis Mutandis.

Read more about The Order of X here.…

Check out the character development of him here.

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this is great art work, i need to show it to a freind whos made a fan fiction very much in the same vain as this but set in the troyain war
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Looks great. Would be a great Admiral Picard too.
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Ever considered re-creating Magneto and his Brotherhood? I'd imagine him as a wizard-like figure surrounded by floating swords and knives through his magnetic power, shooting into surrounding soldiers like arrows.
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Now don't take this the wrong way, I love this picture and I love this concept of Fantasy x-men. I think it's brilliant. 

My problem is that I just watched a movie called the Green Room; where Patrick Stewart plays a murderous Neo-Nazi leader; and he looks almost exactly like this picture down to the beard. Just remove the crown and there you have it. 

So after getting over the fact that I feel like I'm looking at Xavier's evil twin, this picture is pretty rocking in every way
NateHallinanArt's avatar
Totally get ya, but I think he's had several roles where's had a beard. Just watch one of those to negate the preconception. ;)
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should do one with battle crown that looks like
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Very nicely done !
ThexSilverxWolf's avatar
Not bad and have you thought about doing Magneto?
Needham-Comics's avatar
He looks like King Arther from Men in Tights.  ;)  Great concept and great work.  Very awesome.
LoneStranger's avatar
Love this whole series of pics, they turned out quite well.

I read in Wizard magazine in the mid 90's (around the time The Next Generation ended its run) when they were casting the X-Men movie that Patrick Stewart would be perfect for Xavier, seems everyone agrees with that assessment.
NateHallinanArt's avatar

Thank you! Yeah, his portrayal is spot on.

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When the idea first came up no one knew how he would approach the character, he just looked the part and at the time he was still Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It might have been while the series was still on or it may have been between the end of the show and before Generations was in theaters.
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I first saw the whole collection of your work on Imgur, then found it here. I'm loving this concept man!
Ja-Kitsu-Ryou's avatar
I love your collection!  The detail and rendering is absolutely amazing, the concepts are spot on, and I must say I just cannot stop staring.  

I love the idea of a dragon as the Blackbird jet, and I can't stop staring at those hands.  I know I'm gushing, but truly, this is marvelous.  :)
NateHallinanArt's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Patrick fucking stewart
RandomSketchGeek247's avatar
It's Game of thrones meets X-men, what is there not to love??!! Plus Patrick Stewart :D
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That is the classic in my opinion. Patrick Stewart.
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Great to see some vastly original wheelchair art. Beautiful rugged detail and a spitting image of Xavier.
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