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How to Paint Animal Fur in Photoshop


2.5-hours of content demonstrating how to paint various types of animal fur/hair and how to apply it to a character.…

First video covers how to paint different types of commonly used fur. In the second video I show how to apply them to a character. I’ve used these techniques on tons of posters, illustrations and concepts such as the Mooncatcher. It’s a fantastic way to step-up the realism and detail of any animal, creature or character you are painting.

It includes:

1 Video how to paint 6 different types of fur
1 Video how to apply it to a character
2 Practice PSD files so you can follow along
2 Finished PSD files to study the final results from demos
13 Photoshop brushes used in the demo

I hope you enjoy it! 

If you'd like to stay updated on more tutorials or more of my art, check out my Facebook art page.…
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The gumroad link says the page doesn't exist?
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I tried to buy these brushes/lesson from your site, but it keeps saying "Sorry, we aren't currently accepting payments. Please try again later."
Morldorie's avatar
OK, honestly to me that looks like a action figure,
but that looks so much like a photo more than a painting 
Valentina-Paz's avatar
the gumroad page seems to be down, and when I try to purchase from selz, I get a message telling me you are not taking payments, is there any other way to purchase this tutorial?
Nice work !!!!!
I hope you see my new design also!!
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awesome tutorial!
LexGoyle's avatar
Do you have any plans to do a tutorial or know of a good one on how you do your base form rendering? I mean I know it boils down to understanding light and form but the actual brush work comes out muddy and gross when I try even doing the sphere. I mean that lion even hairless is just wow! I would definitely love to get up to that level but I'm just not understanding how the brushwork... works to accomplish this.
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Thank you for this very great tutorial, please ake more
Chavatquiah's avatar
That looks like a sort of lycanthropic lion... a werelion instead of werewolf haha super cool!! :D
NateHallinanArt's avatar
Pretty much :D I wanted to do something a little less generic than a werewolf so I went with a werekitty.
Juzoka-Vargulf-Eqqus's avatar
I'd like to get it, have a way for you post one version for dA? I don't know how work with paypal...
NateHallinanArt's avatar
I can't really do it through DA because of the studio I'm doing it through. If you use the other link ( ) you can just use a card. I hope you like the tutorial. :)
Juzoka-Vargulf-Eqqus's avatar
I'll try. I don't know if my credit card allow to buy stuff of the country, but I'll take a try. Thanks. ;)
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I really appreciate these tutorial videos.   They are helpful for novice and new to the various art programs like Photoshop, Sketchbook, Corel, etc...

Thanks for this demonstration. 

Best Regards,
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Well done:) ***Submitted to :iconcutieshots: For Your Approval IN: "Photoshop Art & Tutorials" ***INVITE To Join On Your Front Page:)
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its leomon from digimon :o (Eek) Wink/Razz 
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Lov it , I have one for you check this out:…
This by Neville Page is the BEST!

I bought this set is well worth the money, I have the brushes they are awesome...
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Excellent work!  Thank you for this.
goor's avatar
I have look at the complete Video and the brushes, you are amazing, this is perfect, thank you so much for the TuT and the Brushes.:clap: .:clap:
SamDelaTorre's avatar
It looks so real, it looks like a 3D render! Your skills are amazing! :la:
NateHallinanArt's avatar

It all comes down to really understand lighting and form; things fall into place after that. :)

SamDelaTorre's avatar
Indeed, but it's easier said than done and I'm nowhere near that now. Sweating a little... 
I can only hope I can eventually do that in the future. Thanks for your reply!  Love 
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