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A lot of you Zelda fans have probably already seen the short film, Majora's Mask - Terrible Fate. If not, go check it out now. 

Ember Lab once again did an amazing job. I did some of the creature designs for their other short film Dust. (another great on) So they asked if I could do a quick design for Skull Kid since I did re imaginations of other Hyrule creatures. These are the results.

Skull Kid by NateHallinanArt Skull Kid - Rough Face Designs by NateHallinanArt

Some of the other creatures I did a while back.

Lady Zora by NateHallinanArt Male Zora Concept 01 by NateHallinanArt
  Skulltula Ambush by NateHallinanArt  Goron Cave Guard by NateHallinanArt  Indigenous Deku by NateHallinanArt


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