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Original Pokemon Stamp

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The originals and both second and third generation were the best of the best :D The Fourth Generation is alright by my views, some are a bit "ehh..." though.

EDIT: Changed Stamp Design, added gloss feel to it along with a background for effect.

Pokemon (C) to Nintendo and to all of its respected owners
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DeadberriHobbyist Traditional Artist
Using :D
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XxNonstopSensiblexXHobbyist General Artist
Using if that's ok
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DragonMPhantomStudent Filmographer
Awww! I love those three! As well as Treeco, Mudkip, and Torchic, and I don't care if people think I'm old school They're the cutest! (And Charizard's pretty good) :)
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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
May I use this? They look adorable!
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Using if you dont mind
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LuciakaneHobbyist Writer
I'm using this, if you don't mind! :D
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Love 1st gen, but too many R/B/Y fans are too blinded by nostalgia to play new games.
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Daisuke-BreadHobbyist Writer
used. this picture is so cool :D
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Using :3
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InvisibleJuneHobbyist General Artist
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BlazeFireWolf1 General Artist
It seems like the games are getting better (graphics and story-wise.Did you hear the new game was 3 dimensional? ),but the Pokemon are getting worse.Gen 5 was horrid,but the 6th one looks good so far.
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5th gen wasn't horrid. :/
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jedijoren Digital Artist
What is the thumb?
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MedusaArtStudent General Artist
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jedijoren Digital Artist
thank you.
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MedusaArtStudent General Artist
you're welcome! :meow:
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I still have pkmn red n gold!(the best ones, I think)
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lugiamo3Professional Artist
hey can i use it it is very well done
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SnoodleMuffinsHobbyist Digital Artist
so cute!
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sheet-pencilHobbyist Traditional Artist
they are cute! >w<
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To me, it seems like the fifth generation ran out of ideas because some are now random objects like garbage bags and coffins. I think it would be cool if they revisited some of the earlier generations and made new evolutions or redo the original games like they did with heartgold and soulsilver.
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NateFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know if they'll redo Red, Blue or Yellow. That would be awesome though c:
But, I do remember in a twitter post from one of the game designers they said that Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald would be getting a remake soon.
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Oooohhh! Now I'm excited! Heartgold and soulsilver were pretty good now I can't wait to see what they'll do with the others! :D
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