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OS X Yosemite iTunes Theme


******(NOTICE July 25, 2014) - Apple released iTunes 12 BETA this week. If you've updated do not try to install my RSRC file over the new version, it will mess things up big time. The new UI looks pretty cool so far. Im surprised how similar it is to my theme. Obviously there isn't any red in it, but I think that's a good thing. I just wish it was more complete. Even for a BETA release, they didn't change many of the UI elements within the RSRC file (which I think means they were focused more on backend stuff). I attempted to finish/complete the new UI by editing the iTunes 12 RSRC file but it appears Apple has locked me out. I tried changing the permissions and it still wouldn't let me save over the file in Themepark. If anyone can figure this out that would be awesome, or maybe point me in the right direction.

*****(UPDATE July 9, 2014) - Added a few iTunes Radio tweaks, new Purchased and Genius sidebar icons, a ton of other color/opacity changes.

****(UPDATE June 26, 2014)
 - Yet another large batch of changes. I altered the Toolbar color to better match the Finder Toolbar (previous matched to iBooks), changed the "transparent" Sidebar to span the entire height of the window, changed the Indeterminate Progress Bar when device syncs to a really nice gradient (no more candy cane stripes), added all traffic lights, added slight gradient to all "white" buttons and text fields, and about a hundred other color tweaks that I can't remember. Oh yeah, I also created an alternate version with a Non-Transparent Sidebar:

***(UPDATE June 22, 2014) - Changed Device Capacity colors to match each media types icon color (Audio-Red, Video-Purple, Books-Orange, Apps-Blue, etc.), shortened track slider height by 1px, added selection highlight to Navigation titles, changed a bunch of colors on the miniplayer, changed all the "gear" glyphs to the one found in Yosemite.

**(UPDATE June 16, 2014)
- Added Menu Buttons, Checkboxes, and a bunch of other stuff.

*(UPDATE June 15, 2014) - Added a fake transparent sidebar. Only works if you're using the default Yosemite wallpaper.


1. Quit iTunes.

2. Drag the iTunes.rsrc file to the alias folder provided.
(remember to back up the original file from Applications/iTunes/Contents/Resources)

3. Drag the TextStyles.plist file to the alias folder provided.
(back up the original file from Applications/iTunes/Contents/Resources/English.lproj)

4. Reopen iTunes. Enjoy!

*Does not work on Retina Macs or Windows. Unless someone wants to buy me a Retina MBP there won’t be any Retina support.

*If you're using a Flavours theme make sure you hard exclude iTunes in Flavours Preferences.

*To uninstall, simply repeat the installation process. Drag your backed up iTunes.rsrc and TextStyles files to the alias folders instead of the modified ones. If you didn’t back up, you need to download and re-install iTunes (your media will not be lost or effected in any way).
© 2014 - 2022 nateblunt
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looks awesome! would be cool if you or someone else port it to windows..
Does it work now on iTunes 12.1
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Great skin. Looks amazing. 
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any updates on upcoming works, you've been very quiet for the few past months....
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Yo, it's been a minute! Nice to hear from you.

I've made a bunch of Yosemite-style icons and a couple iTunes 12 themes but I doubt I'll release them. The only thing I might consider sharing is an iTunes 12 theme with all the blue graphics changed to match the red from the iOS Music app.
i absolutely love this theme but i don't' want to install it on iTunes 12 under yosemite... is it safe yet, or still gonna screw things up like your update says?
could you tell which version of themepark works on mavericks?
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need a backup file!!!help!
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OS X Yosemite GM candidate 1.0 released
xcobaltfury30000's avatar
yosemite dp8 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!
xcobaltfury30000's avatar
itunes 12.0 update for yosemite dp users just came out and it looks amazing. apple finally responded with transparent sidebars, button gradients and more awesome ui features
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awesome! thanks mate!
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Hello, is there any way you could make this for windows? I really like it but i cant use it, Thanks.
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Nvm i got it 😏 thanks 👌
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i don't get it, how do i install it? 
what should i back-up? i know it's in the description but can't find any of those,
i downloaded the files and don't know what to do :/
There is an issue with movies that have iTunes Extras they look like this:

There is something missing i think
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Thank you so much! 

This looks absolutely gorgeous on my Mac (running 10.9.4 with iTunes 11.3 for anyone who wanted to know)

Makes me want to get Yosemite on my macbook.
sry guys , internet lag :)
sry guys , internet lag :)
Here guys stuff from iTunes 12 , also it works on mavericks
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I used part of nate's theme by only replacing the textstyles files in iTunes 12 beta to get the helvetica font, cuz i just can't stand the default font that comes with the iTunes 12 beta.
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Lol, won't be needing this anymore. Yosemite Beta is out.
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the transparency and blur isn't real which doesn't change according to the wallpaper.
If you didn't know, nateblunt mentioned the transparency in the notes. '*(UPDATE June 15, 2014) - Added a fake transparent sidebar. Only works if you're using the default Yosemite wallpaper.'
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