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Aayla Secura

Gotta do more Jedi pieces like this.
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beautiful, badass & epic!!!
greetings & stunning art work.
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Would it be possiable for you to do art based of this character model with the Twi'lek lekku in the form of "love you." In the link there an image of four diffrent lekku body language. (Not the one in the stace deflecting blaster fire.)…

I love the mystical aura, and presence you have captured with this! Nate would you be able to make artwork using this character and place her in mabye Naboo's palace or on her homeworld Ryloth? Her eyes are penetrating and have the ability to really draw you into her gaze. She is very well done and has a very mature element to her that isn't showen in the movies.

Here a theroy I came up with about Aayla Secura surviving Order 66.…
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Awesome pose, style, and scene!
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I love the movement in this piece.
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OMG!!! Absolutely fantastic!
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Beautiful. I love your rendering style.
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This is fantastic!  Would love to have seen her in some bigger roles.
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Lovely and great art work.
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Gorgeous! Aayla is one of my favorite Star Wars characters.
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Cool, very graceful
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The best art of Aayla secura!
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The force in almost tangible
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I agree you do have to do more Jedi work like this, its great!!
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I would have preffered this for her Order 66 scene. Poor girl was catched off guard by the troopers.
At least her death was Quick. She earned that much.
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You 'n' me both. :)
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Excellent work on the face !!! Clap La la la la 
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Really awesome work on all posted pics!
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Oh my God your art is pretty.
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this is awesome, have you come up with the composition, pose, etc yourself or used reference?
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