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This is the False Kiva Ruin. Located in an undisclosed location in a remote section of Canyonlands National Park. You won't find this spot on any map, or in any books. Chances are anyone who's been there won't tell you where it is. The location is kept quiet because of its remote and rugged location. There is no practical way to protect these fragile cultural resources. It's sad to say, but there are always those who don't respect these irreplaceable locations, and have to ruin the fun for everyone else.

This site is called "False Kiva" because many people falsely believe the main round structure to be a ceremonial kiva room. These were actually common shelters for ancestral Puebloan people living in this area around A.D. 1200. A partial excavation in 1986 proved it was only used for daily activities like cooking and sleeping.

This is truly an amazing place to experience. It's the quietest place I've ever been. Standing in this alcove high up in a sheer canyon wall, it's not hard to imagine the people that inhabited this place long ago.

This was a really tricky image to make. I used a circ. polarizer and two stacked grad nd filters to try to even out the exposure.

False Kiva Ruin - Utah

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The sky is so beautiful!