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Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-3

“Rainy Reception”
    The rain was pouring at a good rate now, but my new umbrella had that covered very easily. Gala was just coming out of her house and we then made our way to Filbert's house. She was holding an umbrella of her own; a pink umbrella with daisies printed on it that matched her daisy shirt.
“I hope we don't get a thunderstorm tonight...” Gala wondered as we walked.
“Same here.” I said. “I mean, at least we're not getting soaked, but it might not help in getting the routines done...”
“Maybe you should hold off on that for today.” Gala suggested. “The weather report on TV said that it would be like this for the rest of the day; you'd catch a cold doing it now.”
“Is that so?” I said. “I suppose I have no choice. As much as I don't like leaving a task unfinished...”
Just as we approac
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Laying in the Grass (Summer 2018) by natblue0 Laying in the Grass (Summer 2018) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-2

“Work & Play”
    Both Isabelle and I were working as hard as we could to get as much paperwork done as we could before 8 PM hit. We were chatting with each other around noon as we worked on the last few papers.
“Shrunk sent you a letter beforehand?” She asked. “Why didn't you tell me?”
“Because he wasn't sure it would work out at first.” I explained. “If I were to say something right away, it wouldn't turn out well if it didn't turn out to be a real thing...”
She nodded. “I see your point. Anyway, I'm almost done with this last bit. How are you doing?”
“So far, so good.” I replied. “Just these last three signatures, and we should be good to go.”
“Excellent!” She cheered after setting her pen down in triumph. “We'll still have plenty of time for other things, too.”
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Davy Quickie - Photo Moment (Plus Random Pixel!) by natblue0 Davy Quickie - Photo Moment (Plus Random Pixel!) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-1

“New Neighbor, New Faces!”
    “Nat! Nat, wake up!” Blaire's voice rang out from outside my door, waking me from a deep sleep. I assumed she was also the one knocking at the door a bit frantically. “You need to see this, I couldn't believe it myself, nutlet!”
“Mmm... huh?” I muttered, still feeling a bit drowsy. I looked over to my clock to see what time it was, and it read about 9 in the morning.
Rosie's voice called through the door this time. “C'mon, silly! This isn't the time to be sleeping in!”
“I'm up, I'm up!” I called back after yawning a bit. “I'll be out in a moment...”
Once I had done so, I opened the door expecting to be greeted with the bright sunlight. Instead, it was actually a cloudy day! In fact, it looked like it was about to rain! I rubbed my eyes as Rosie spoke.
“Good morning!”
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''Someone's Coming...'' by natblue0 ''Someone's Coming...'' :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 12-7

“Sunset Stroll”
    It was a little breezy out now, but that didn't make our walk any less enjoyable. Charlise and chatted with each other as we walked, until we eventually we reached the town tree. It was much larger than last time, as it was now starting to grow almost twice our size! We decided to sit down there to take a break for a moment.
“Some say that a town tree holds the memories of how the town that it's in grew, urgh.” Charlise said, starting the conversation. “Do you think that's true, Nat?”
“I wouldn't think it would be too far of a stretch.” I said. “I mean, this tree has only started growing since Isabelle and I planted it when I first became mayor.”
“How did you feel about it?” She asked. “I don't mean to pry, but...”
“That's okay, you weren't there when it happened!” I said.
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Alex as a Farmer by natblue0 Alex as a Farmer :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 12-6

“Winding Down”
    Sunset was arriving in Windfall as Blanca and I headed back to my house. Along the way, Charlise decided to join us, and Blanca was more than happy to let her. Once inside, I plopped down on my bed while Charlise and Blanca sat on the chairs near my Blue Table.
“Whew, what a day...” I said, finally winding down from all the excitement. “I didn't think I'd be getting around town as much today!”
“At least it all ended nicely, urgh.” Charlise said. “How's that bruise?”
“It's still healing up, but it doesn't hurt as much.” I answered.
“I assume that was when you jumped at me the one time.” Blanca said with some concern. “I didn't know you got hurt from that!”
“Don't worry about it. It was my own fault!” I said to reassure her. “Besides, I've taken worse hits.
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New Icon! (Full Size) by natblue0 New Icon! (Full Size) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 12-5

“Blanca's New Face”
    “Are you almost done?” Blanca asked nervously as I finished the outline for her face.
I now had the teal marker in my hand. “Just a moment. I still need to fill in your pupils.”
“Oh, I hope you aren't drawing anything silly...” She added. “I mean, it's April Fool's day and all, but...”
“There are times for pranks and jokes, Blanca.” I said. “But even I know when it's not the right time.”
“That's true...” She said as I put the finishing touches on her face. “I guess you could say I went to far this year, huh?”
“I'm just glad we got it sorted out before something bad happened.” I said after setting the marker down. “Anyway, I think I've got it. You want to take a look?”
She nodded and picked up the mirror and looked at her reflection. She s
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Davy Sticker! by natblue0 Davy Sticker! :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 12-4

“Clean Slate”
    “W-w-who are you?! Are you a ghost?” One of the two Galas said as the three of us arrived.
“I don't think so, snortie.” The other said. “I think either we're dealing with smoke and mirrors, or...”
“One of you is pretending to be the other.” I interrupted. “Don't worry, there's no ghost here!”
“Nat! You came at just the right time.” She said. “Do you think you can help us out?”
“I don't have much in mind this time...” I said, feeling a bit down. “I'm all burnt out of ideas!”
“Let me try, urgh.” Charlise said. “Who's your best friend?”
“Nat is!” Both of them said.
“That didn't work...” Blaire said. “What about the treats we made together? What were they?”
Again, they spoke in unison. “They wer
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Sudden Blizzard by natblue0 Sudden Blizzard :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 12-3

“Catch that Cat!”
    Blaire was pretty much in the same situation that Charlise was in. Unlike the last time, both of them were very angry at each other. They both noticed my arrival, but continued arguing.
“Now see here!” The one of the left said. “I'm the original Blaire, you copycat!”
“I don't think so. There's only one of me in this world and that is ME!” The other one snapped.
“Blanca, seriously!? You've gotten Walker into a worry too...” I said. But just like last time, neither one would let up.
“Nat, you made it...” The left one said, looking a little relieved. “But, look at this mess; there shouldn't be two of me!”
I sighed. “Let me guess. One of you is a false Blaire, right?”
“How did you know?” The one on the right piqued.
“Let's just say I've already had to deal with
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Peeking from Behind the Treehouse (Spring 2018) by natblue0 Peeking from Behind the Treehouse (Spring 2018) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 0
My own stuff! A lot of content in here, so I sorted them into folders for conveniences sake. Be sure to hit the 'all' tab if you want to see them all at once or click the pics on the left! XD

Feel free to take a look around!


Natblue0: Unfathomed by sJibbi Natblue0: Unfathomed :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 4 5 Agent 8 by grinningserpent Agent 8 :icongrinningserpent:grinningserpent 6 0 Hello Mayor! by DragonBuns Hello Mayor! :icondragonbuns:DragonBuns 4 0 Installation by sJibbi Installation :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 4 2 Digby in his casual clothes ANIMAL CROSSING by EarlyBirdWaker Digby in his casual clothes ANIMAL CROSSING :iconearlybirdwaker:EarlyBirdWaker 44 0 Animal Crossing - Isabelle by extreme-sonic Animal Crossing - Isabelle :iconextreme-sonic:extreme-sonic 11 3 COCO: Remembrance by sJibbi COCO: Remembrance :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 8 4 Isabelle by SymbolsWriter Isabelle :iconsymbolswriter:SymbolsWriter 10 0 Spring time by vgfridge Spring time :iconvgfridge:vgfridge 55 3 Just Like You by Kippette Just Like You :iconkippette:Kippette 65 5 Me by Invizibiz Me :iconinvizibiz:Invizibiz 3 0 Isabelle by SnivySuperior Isabelle :iconsnivysuperior:SnivySuperior 5 0 AC: Isabelle by Evildraws AC: Isabelle :iconevildraws:Evildraws 27 8 Smash4:Ignition by sJibbi Smash4:Ignition :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 10 5
Just a few artworks that I like. :)


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Nathaniel (Nat)
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I'm a person who loves adventure stories, along with Video games and other things, so I decided to try my hand at writing my own, as well as a few drawings. I'm very friendly and am very happy to answer any questions you may have. I won't bite, promise!

My Games

I currently own a 3DS, a Wii U, a Switch, and a Steam Account! Make sure to ask me about any sort of friend requests on those before you send one! I won't know who it is otherwise! :D

Note me for my Username on Discord too!

Other Stuff...

My birthday badge


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I may be a little inactive for the weekend,  as I'm currently spending time over at the Luther Days Fesitval! I may show what I found on Twitter, so keep an eye out! :D
Aaaaand... Twitter is ready! Wanna visit me there? Here's the link!
I'm thinking of maybe reviving my old Twitter account for use with my art stuff. I think it would be a neat idea so that not only the watchers here can see what I'm up to, but it would also be a lot more accessible for friends and family to see some of my drawings! What do you think?
Tomorrow's post is going to be late. There's a major snow storm and I'm unable to make it home to where my laptop is until I get back. Don't worry, I'll be keeping warm over at my brother's house! :D
Don't know if this is actually going to be a thing yet, but I may have a cute idea for a companion for Davy! I'll just leave it at that for now. XD


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