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The General Store by natblue0 The General Store :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-6

“K.K. Slider”
    Many of Windfall's residents were waiting in front of the main entrance, but to my surprise, there were a few of the shop owners around, too! Tom Nook and the Nooklings were in the mix, as well as Sable and Digby. Everyone looked my way as my friends and I approached.
“Nat! You made it, bro!” Frobert said over the general chatter from the group. “I was wondering if maybe you weren't going to show.”
“Are you kidding? Of course I would!” I said. “I wanted to see what the fuss is about, after all.”
“Glad to hear you're looking forward to it.” Tom Nook said. “I'm sure you're all excited, hm?”
“You bet!” Gala cheered.
“Just out of curiosity, what brought you out here?” Blaire asked him. “Did you have some time off today, nutlet?”
“I suppose I felt it was
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Mini Story Title Card (First Version) by natblue0 Mini Story Title Card (First Version) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 3 0
Necklace Chronicles - Maria's Binding Spell

    I read from my magic tome to make sure I knew what to do next. I had just preformed a special spell on myself to help me mainly for convenience, but I thought it would be a good idea to use it on my good friend N.Blue as well if I could get it going. Stretching my arm out, I imagined my staff, the Cloudspire Staff; appearing in my grip. One blink, and my trusty weapon appeared in a flash of white light, ready for me to use.
“Finally. I think I got it right...” I said to no one in particular as I repeated this several times to make sure it wasn't a one-time thing, making my staff disappear and reappear with each motion. “This should make it really helpful in the event we need to prepare for battle in a hurry!”
I heard a voice from outside my front door. “Are you home, Maria? I came as soon as I could.”
“I'm in the treasure room.” I called back, happy that N.Blue got my mes
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Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-5

“To the Club!”
    Blathers seemed really surprised at what Butch had caught, but he was also more than happy to take it to the aquarium. All of us decided to stay at the aquarium while we waited for Club LOL to open. Many of us were excited, but myself, Gala, and Filbert were staring at the fish swimming around to pass the time. I could hear the bubbling of the water as the fish swam by my face.
“There's that Oarfish you found, Nat.” Butch said, pointing it out to us. “Man, that takes me back...”
“Who'd have thought you'd get a coelacanth much later?” I added. “You must have been practicing, Butch.”
“Well, ever since you found those two big fish and that fishing tourney, I've been wanting to better myself, ROOOOOWF.” He explained. “I thought that maybe one day I'd catch big fish myself.”
“I guess that
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''There's an Idea...'' (Mini-Story 4) by natblue0 ''There's an Idea...'' (Mini-Story 4) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-4

“Waiting out the Storm”
    Filbert pulled out a pair of stripe chairs that he had stored away, while I nabbed a few sheets to lay over them. Gala also had a minimalist table she had obtained from the Super T&T before we met up. Once everything was set up, Filbert placed draped the sheets over the table and connected to the two chairs, making one big 'tent' for us to share. I asked Filbert's permission to dim the lights for the tent, and he agreed to do so after pulling out a few flashlights and bringing them inside.
“This is really neat, bucko!” Filbert said, admiring our work. “It's almost like we're camping outside.”
“Given your taste in decorations, I feel like we're camping on the moon.” I joked.
A flash of lightning struck from outside, making Filbert a little nervous. “Well... except for the lightning strikes...”
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''Now what could this be?'' by natblue0 ''Now what could this be?'' :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-3

“Rainy Reception”
    The rain was pouring at a good rate now, but my new umbrella had that covered very easily. Gala was just coming out of her house and we then made our way to Filbert's house. She was holding an umbrella of her own; a pink umbrella with daisies printed on it that matched her daisy shirt.
“I hope we don't get a thunderstorm tonight...” Gala wondered as we walked.
“Same here.” I said. “I mean, at least we're not getting soaked, but it might not help in getting the routines done...”
“Maybe you should hold off on that for today.” Gala suggested. “The weather report on TV said that it would be like this for the rest of the day; you'd catch a cold doing it now.”
“Is that so?” I said. “I suppose I have no choice. As much as I don't like leaving a task unfinished...”
Just as we approac
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Laying in the Grass (Summer 2018) by natblue0 Laying in the Grass (Summer 2018) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 2
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-2

“Work & Play”
    Both Isabelle and I were working as hard as we could to get as much paperwork done as we could before 8 PM hit. We were chatting with each other around noon as we worked on the last few papers.
“Shrunk sent you a letter beforehand?” She asked. “Why didn't you tell me?”
“Because he wasn't sure it would work out at first.” I explained. “If I were to say something right away, it wouldn't turn out well if it didn't turn out to be a real thing...”
She nodded. “I see your point. Anyway, I'm almost done with this last bit. How are you doing?”
“So far, so good.” I replied. “Just these last three signatures, and we should be good to go.”
“Excellent!” She cheered after setting her pen down in triumph. “We'll still have plenty of time for other things, too.”
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Davy Quickie - Photo Moment (Plus Random Pixel!) by natblue0 Davy Quickie - Photo Moment (Plus Random Pixel!) :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 13-1

“New Neighbor, New Faces!”
    “Nat! Nat, wake up!” Blaire's voice rang out from outside my door, waking me from a deep sleep. I assumed she was also the one knocking at the door a bit frantically. “You need to see this, I couldn't believe it myself, nutlet!”
“Mmm... huh?” I muttered, still feeling a bit drowsy. I looked over to my clock to see what time it was, and it read about 9 in the morning.
Rosie's voice called through the door this time. “C'mon, silly! This isn't the time to be sleeping in!”
“I'm up, I'm up!” I called back after yawning a bit. “I'll be out in a moment...”
Once I had done so, I opened the door expecting to be greeted with the bright sunlight. Instead, it was actually a cloudy day! In fact, it looked like it was about to rain! I rubbed my eyes as Rosie spoke.
“Good morning!”
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''Someone's Coming...'' by natblue0 ''Someone's Coming...'' :iconnatblue0:natblue0 2 0
Through a Villager's Eyes - Chapter 12-7

“Sunset Stroll”
    It was a little breezy out now, but that didn't make our walk any less enjoyable. Charlise and chatted with each other as we walked, until we eventually we reached the town tree. It was much larger than last time, as it was now starting to grow almost twice our size! We decided to sit down there to take a break for a moment.
“Some say that a town tree holds the memories of how the town that it's in grew, urgh.” Charlise said, starting the conversation. “Do you think that's true, Nat?”
“I wouldn't think it would be too far of a stretch.” I said. “I mean, this tree has only started growing since Isabelle and I planted it when I first became mayor.”
“How did you feel about it?” She asked. “I don't mean to pry, but...”
“That's okay, you weren't there when it happened!” I said.
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Alex as a Farmer by natblue0 Alex as a Farmer :iconnatblue0:natblue0 1 0
My own stuff! A lot of content in here, so I sorted them into folders for conveniences sake. Be sure to hit the 'all' tab if you want to see them all at once or click the pics on the left! XD

Feel free to take a look around!


2018 365 challenge: Day 283 by Miss-Arcadia 2018 365 challenge: Day 283 :iconmiss-arcadia:Miss-Arcadia 6 0 Animal Crossing Isabelle by HylianNeko Animal Crossing Isabelle :iconhylianneko:HylianNeko 6 2 Filbert by Lady-Zalya Filbert :iconlady-zalya:Lady-Zalya 10 0 Animal Crossing: Bluebear by Mano-Lon Animal Crossing: Bluebear :iconmano-lon:Mano-Lon 32 3 Inktober 2018 - Day 3 - Roasted by mdchan Inktober 2018 - Day 3 - Roasted :iconmdchan:mdchan 14 10 stop!!!! by aandygp stop!!!! :iconaandygp:aandygp 107 2 Hello Isabelle by Alex13Art Hello Isabelle :iconalex13art:Alex13Art 45 10 Animal Crossing by ChubbyMermaid-Tumblr Animal Crossing :iconchubbymermaid-tumblr:ChubbyMermaid-Tumblr 9 0 Big Sister Bear by PaintingTree Big Sister Bear :iconpaintingtree:PaintingTree 6 32 Ray the Flying Squirrel! by SplatterParrot Ray the Flying Squirrel! :iconsplatterparrot:SplatterParrot 293 23 Natblue0: Unfathomed by sJibbi Natblue0: Unfathomed :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 4 5 Agent 8 by grinningserpent Agent 8 :icongrinningserpent:grinningserpent 9 0 Hello Mayor! by DragonBuns Hello Mayor! :icondragonbuns:DragonBuns 4 0 Installation by sJibbi Installation :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 4 2 Digby in his casual clothes ANIMAL CROSSING by EarlyBirdWaker Digby in his casual clothes ANIMAL CROSSING :iconearlybirdwaker:EarlyBirdWaker 48 1
Just a few artworks that I like. :)


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I'm a person who loves adventure stories, along with Video games and other things, so I decided to try my hand at writing my own, as well as a few drawings. I'm very friendly and am very happy to answer any questions you may have. I won't bite, promise!

Check out my Twitter for more updates, and maybe a little extra bits about what's going on with me!

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I regret to inform everyone that I'll need some time off yet again. At around 3:14 AM this morning, my mother had passed away, and we're currently getting a few things arranged to say goodbye... I will miss her very much, and I would assume everyone in the family will, too. She stood up for me through many hard times in my life, and I'm really thankful that she kept me going for all this time and encouraged me. Rest in Peace Melissa Johnson, you really meant a lot to us. :(
Looks like I finally have a break in all of the stuff going on! Hopefully I'll be able to get back to drawing after this Wednesday! :D
Sorry, everyone! No post this week and potentially for the following 2 weeks. I really need tor focus my time on helping mom get her pain under control as well as meeting up with some of the Hospice staff to get some other helpful things arranged. As a result, this is a more pressing matter. :(
I feel like I owe everyone an explanation for all the update spam today... As, I've already mentioned, we've been dealing with all sorts of power failure issues. I was hoping I could relax and draw my usual stuff, but in addition to the outages, I feel like I've been balancing way too much stuff at once. It's hard for me to say this, but I MAY need to take a small break from DA for a while not only to unwind a little bit, but to make sure I get things organized for my mom's Hospice care. We're also supposed to meet with a nurse tomorrow, and a social worker is meant to arrive at a later point, too. So I think it would be wise to focus on those things for now... 

So I guess my question is this: Would it be too much trouble to take a week or two off of posting for a bit? Please give me your honest answer! I really don't want to just suddenly vanish without reason to. 
This is getting ridiculous. We just lost the power again, and I may not even be able to draw anything until next week if restoration time is to be believed. DX


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