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I created a small and simple class on how to do cartoon studies!

It's the first of a series of videos aimed at beginner cartoonists. Perfect for simple comic creators and hobbyists that DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO START! I would urge everyone to do fundamentals first, as I still do it, but this is a class that might be able to give you a push and a bit of an organized method to start studying.

The great thing about this method despite its simplicity is learning how to apply it in other reference studies, too.

Here's the skillshare link for anyone interested: Discover Your Cartoon Style 101: Studying Famous Cartoon Faces

Any comments or feedback would be great! it's my first online class, I've always taught face to face, so I've got room to accommodate constructive feedback!

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I've been meaning to revive my DA for a while - so for anyone out there from 2011 *crickets* hope you're still there!

Most of my stuff gets uploaded as stories on my Instagram - mostly personal stuff - or my website

Since my last journal entry in 2011 I have been leading quite the unexpected nomadic life. A short summary for the friends I've made years ago on this site:

2011: started traveling the world, with pitstops back home in Manila every few months - was not drawing so much
2012 - 2013: Later this year I ended up working as an english professor for a few months in Colombia (SOUTH AMERICA WAS AMAZING), quit that job to pursue other interests and lived briefly in Costa Rica, also played around working as a freelance muralist, designer. My first big job was an illustrated workbook for the World Bank for a project in Belize
2013 - 2014: I started rediscovering my home region and freelancing with a little bit more confidence around Central Asia, South East Asia and Australia
2015: I'm freelancing full time, teaching mermaiding part-time, and moved to Boracay, a beautiful island in the Philippines. I got to see Taiwan and Japan for the first time!
2016 to present: I've been going back and forth Manila, Bali, and the US.

I've been lucky so far, but I have to say my life has been built around the lifestyle I want, with significant sacrifices being made. Stability being trumped by freedome.

Of the small things I'm proud of (because over time I've been learning how to take more pride in my work despite knowing there is a multitude of artists that are far better and far more consistent than I):
- My inked animals and cheeseburgers were in a simple exhibit (my first ever exhibit) with Boracay Artists

- My 2nd ever comic is being published by Hellcat Press in the US and Markosia for the UK and Italy and is available on Amazon

- I am working on a 3rd comic with another published writer, concept art to come soon (maybe months...)

I have mostly been illustrating and designing since then. I'm going to try to be more present here and engage more!


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We're looking for creative designers that can work their way around wordpress! We need someone who knows the ins and outs of wordpress and has an amazing eye for detail?

Send me an e-mail at or check out our site:

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I feel like I'm on a roll

Like, a roll... I havent really closed Photoshop since yesterday. Meh who cares if I have finals tomorrow?

I wish I could get better with the shit I've been doing. I'm pretty happy about the outcome of some of them though.